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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line
v ii 8 List of Writers: for W. H. . . . W. Haines read W. H—s. . .W. Haines
5 i 16f.e. Haines, William: for the Earl of Stanhope read Earl Stanhope
10 i 15 Hakewill, John: omit [q. v.]
17 i 25 Haldimand, Sir Frederick: for 1853 read 1883
18 i 31 Hale, Sir Matthew: for Magdalen College read Magdalen Hall
27 i 13f.e. Hales, Sir Edward, titular Earl of Tenterden: for lord Weston read lord Wotton
29 ii 29-30 Hales, John (d. 1571): omit He was clerk . . . Edward VI.
30 i 1-3 for Later in the reign . . . Strasburg read On Somerset's fall Hales fled from England and in 1552 was at Strasburg
9 before He returned insert His property was confiscated in 1557.
15-17 omit Hales was restored . . . Cal. Dom. i. 125-6).
18 for 1560 read 1564
17f.e. after Christopher. insert Hales has been confused by Strype and subsequent writers with the John Hales who was clerk of the hanaper under Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth (The Domesday of Inclosures, ed. Leadam, 1897, p. 5, note 6)
33 ii 32 Hales, Stephen: for 195 read 198
44 ii 35 Halihurton, Thomas C.: for 1825 read 1823
40 for 1839 read 1840
17f.e. for 1843 read 1852
15f.e. for 1843 read 1853
14f.e. for 1843 read 1849
12f.e. for 1843 read 1854
9f.e. for 1850 read 1851
4f.e. for Wool read Wood
48 ii 25 Halkett, Lady Anne: for Lady Anne or Anna read Anne or Anna, Lady
56 i l.l. Hall, Arthur: for John Hall read Francis Hall
68 ii 9 Hall, Sir James: after 1776. insert He entered Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1777, but took no degree.
74 i 11f.e. Hall, John (1739-1797): after churchyard, insert He married Mary de Gilles, of Huguenot descent, and was father of George William Hall, master of Pembroke College, Oxford (1770-1843), and of Julia, wife of Rann Kennedy [q. v.].
97 i 37 Hallam, Henry: for Philips read Thomas Phillips
106 ii 1 Halley, Edmund: for Dr. Sykes read Dr. Sike
107 ii 18f.e. for Professor Rigaud read Stephen Jordan Rigaud, bishop of Antigua
112 ii 4 Halliday, Michael F.: after Wimbledon insert in 1862
117 i 22-21 f.e. Halliwell-Phillipps, James 0.: for but the order excluding . . . not rescinded. read On 12 June 1846 the British Museum authorities informed Halliwell that readmission would be granted him if application were made.