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126 ii 19 Longueville, William: after difficulty, insert Farquhar was indebted to him for part of his 'Twin Rivals' (Works, 1760, vol. ii.).
130 i 17 Lonsdale, John: before was fellow insert graduating B.A. in 1837 with a first class in classics and a second in mathematics.
151 ii 10-11 Lougher, Robert: for prolocutor read proctor
152 i 27 Louis, Sir Thomas: for Torbay read Torquay
154 ii 11 f.e. Loutherbourgh, Philip James de: for Thohnbury read Walford
165 ii 31 Lovelace, Francis: for horses read houses
168 i 34-35 Lovelace, John, 3rd Baron Lovelace: for dormant, until read extinct;
172 ii 3 Lovell, Francis, Viscount Lovell: for Philip Lovel read the elder brother of Philip Lovel
21-22 for thirteenth read ninth
173 i 38 after married insert in boyhood
ii 14 Lovell, George W.: for Leith read Leitch
175 ii 24-25 Lovell, Sir Thomas: for Henry of Lancaster, duke of Eichmond read Henry Tudor, earl of Richmond
180 ii 35 Lovibond, Edward: for [q.v.] read [see under Wooddeson, Richard, 1745-1823]
183 ii 13 Low, George: for closest read closet
185 ii 19 Low, Sir John: for is now read was
20 after ham insert (1886-92)
187 ii 24-25 Lowder. Charles F.: for Zellam See in the Austrian Tyrol, read Zell-am-See, Salzburg, Austria,
189 i 11-10 f.e. Lowe, Edward W. H. de Lancy: -for After his return . . . of the read Some private letters sent by him to his sister in the course of the
9 f.e. for which was noticed read formed the basis of an article
8 f.e. for was read they were
ii 1-5 for a daughter of Colonel Basil Jackson . . . St. Helena, read Anne Louisa Russel, daughter of Maurice Peter Moore (1809-1866) of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, F.S.A., a solicitor, and clerk of the peace for Kesteven.
191 i 21 Lowe, Sir Hudson: for the fall of Paris read Napoleon's abdication
193 i 13 f.e. for 75 read 74
ii 9 f.e. after worthless insert A later vindication of Lowe, entitled 'Sir Hudson Lowe and Napoleon,' by Mr. R. C. Seaton, appeared in 1898 (with portrait).
195 ii 20 Lowe, Mauritius: for Johnslowe read John Lowe
202 i 6 Lowe, Thomas: for MacArdle read MacArdell
208 ii 2 f.e. Lowndes, Thomas: for the professorship read the Lowndes professorship
216 i 35 Lowth, Simon: for St. Kosmus read St. Kosmas
220 ii 23 Lowther, Sir John, 1st Viscount Lonsdale: for Dada read D'Adda
38 for at Torquay read in Torbay
223 i 18 f.e. Lowther, Sir Richard: for (1577-1617) read (d. 1617)
2 f.e. for (1589-1659), read (d. 1624), became a judge of the common pleas in Ireland 12 Oct. 1610, was knighted 3 May 1618, and acquired 1,000 acres in counties Tyrone and Fermanagh. On his property in Fermanagh he built a fort and named an adjoining village Lowtherstown. He married twice, but died 14 Oct. 1624 without issue, being buried in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin (cf. Bewley, Some Notes on the Lowthers, 'Antiq. Soc. Trans.' ii. new ser.). One of Sir Gerard's heirs was his godson, also Sir Gerard Lowther (1589-1860), apparently a natural son of his elder brother Christopher. He
ii 1 after 1614. insert He was admitted to King's Inn, Dublin, 1619.
3 after he was insert knighted in 1631 and
19 after troubles, insert He was buried at St. Michans, Dublin, in April 1660.
24 f.e. Lowther, William, 3rd Earl of Lonsdale: for third read second
11 f.e. for dormant until read extinct;
225 i 21 f.e. Loyd, Samuel J., 1st Baron Overstone: after Lindsay insert (afterwards Baron Wantage)
ii 21 Luard, Henry R.: for Hodsoy read Hodson
226 i 10 f.e. Luard, John: for bar read Car
229 ii 25 Lucas, Sir Charles (d. 1648): after i. 124). insert He was admitted a fellow-commoner of Christ's College, Cambridge, 7 June 1628, aged 15, his tutor being John Alsop, Laud's chaplain.