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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
vi ii 4 List of Writers : insert E. S. . . . . Edward Smith
3 ii 36-7 Baker, David : for hitherto unpublished read published in Ellis's ‘Original Letters,’ 2nd ser. iii. 256
12 i 21 Baker, Sir John (d. 1558): after law insert on 12 May 1520 he was made under sheriff and judge of the Sheriff's Court of London (Letter Book N, fo. 136 b). That post he held until he was appointed recorder of London in Nov. 1526 (ib. O, fo. 168 b).
23 after Denmark insert In 1529 he was elected to parliament for both Bedford and City of London and sat for the latter constituency till 1536. He was subsequently M.P. for Guildford 1542-4, Lancaster 1545-7, Huntingdonshire 1547-52, Bramber 1553, and Kent from 1554 till his death.
for Not long afterwards read In July 1535, when he resigned the recordership
24, 25 omit elected speaker .... subsequently
27 after exchequer insert Two years later, 1547, he was elected Speaker.
19f.e. after office insert of chancellor of the exchequer
13 i 6 Baker, John(1661-1716): after 1716 insert He was whig M.P. for Weymouth in 1713, was unseated on petition next year, was re-elected in 1715.
15 after death insert was whig M.P. for Hythe in four parliaments from 1722 till his death
14 i 35 Baker, Philip : after He insert was proctor at Cambridge in 1549 and
38 after appointments; insert he was a prebendary at Hereford 1560-9.
ii 15f.e. Baker, Sir Richard: after Baker insert was M.P. successively for Horsham, Lancaster, Romney, and Shoreham in the parliaments between 1554 and 1558. He
15 i 5 before In 1603 insert In 1598 he was elected M.P. for Arundel and in 1597 for East Grinstead
25 ii 11f.e. Balcanquhall, Walter, D.D.: for 1624 read 1624-5
28 ii 3f.e. Baldock, Robert de: after pluralities insert He held prebends in the cathedrals of Lichfield and Lincoln
35 ii 16 Baldwin, George: for 1818 read 1826
17-19 for was born .... uncertain read son of William Baldwin, hop merchant in the Borough, was born about 1743.
29, 30 for from Cyprus .... death read of the death of his brother, consul at Cyprus.
36 i 13 for 1778 read 1798
11f.e. after Baldwin insert died 19 Feb. 1826, aged 83 (Gent. Mag. 1826, i. 288). He
8f.e. after her insert Dean Burgon wrote a memoir of Mrs. Baldwin, his great aunt, who died in 1839 (Gent. Mag. 1839, ii. 656-8).
38 i 19f.e. Baldwin, Sir Timothy: after 1660) insert holding the office till 1663.