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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
3 i 12 f.e. Scogan, Henry: for 1891 read 1821
5 i 21 Scarburgh, Sir Robert de: for Scorbrough read Scorborough
28 for Scorby read Scoreby
13 i 38 Scott, Alexander J.: for Jesus,' 1859 ; read Man' 1860;
15 i 15 Scott, Cuthbert: for (d. 1565) read (d. 1564)
ii 36-37 for some time in 1565. read on the feast of St. Denys (9 Oct.?) 1564 (Molanus, Hist. Lovaniensis) and was buried in the church of the Friars Minor.
20 ii 22 Scott, Sir George G.: for Hayley read Haley
22 i 19 f.e. for In 1879 read About 1870
ii 23 for prejudice against the read prejudice in favour of the
40 ii 16-15 f.e. Scott, Sir John: for Bleau. Scot . . . . the survey read Blaeu. Scot interested himself in the survey
14-12 f.e. for purchased his drawings . . . . getting them revised read Pont's drawings, after his death about 1614, were purchased by the crown. Scot, having caused them to be revised
4 f.e. for Bleauaniæ volumen sextum,' read Blaeuaniæ volumen quintum,'
3 f.e. omit as its real author
2 f.e. for Bleau read Blaeu
41 i 9 f.e. Scott, John (1639-1695) : after 1752, 8vo insert (the work was ultimately extended to 5 vols.)
46 ii 7-5 f.e. Scott, afterwards Scott-Waring, John (1747-1819): omit was Maria, . . . . The second,
47 i 1 for 1746 read 1745
13 after Faber [q. v.]. insert Waring's second wife was Maria, daughter and heiress of Jacob Hughes of Cashel.
62 ii 20 f.e. Scott, Michael (1789-1835): for Raymond Lodge read Raymond Hall
18-17 f.e. for It was probably written . . . . business. read Probably he there wrote most of the sketches which were worked up into the 'Log.'
16-15 f.e. for 1836, after Scott's death, read 1834, when it formed vol. liv. of a 'Collection of Ancient and Modern English Authors' in Baudry's 'European Library.'
67 ii 16 f.e. Scott, Thomas (1480?-1539): after Thomas insert Lord Petgormo
72 i 11 f.e. Scott, Thomas (d. 1660): for The name of the regicide's wife is not known. read The regicide was thrice married, first to Alice Allinson at Chesterford in 1626; secondly in 1644 to Grace, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Mauleverer (she was buried in Westminster Abbey, 26 Feb. 1645-6); and thirdly to Alice (of unknown surname), who petitioned to visit him before his execution (Noble, Regicides, ii. 197 ; Chester, Westminster Abbey, p. 140).
ii 20-26 omit and his wife Grace . . . . Registers, p. 140)
75 i 37 Scott, Thomas (1747-1821): for 18 Oct. read 16 Oct.