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366 i 27·31 Shakespeare, William:for But the intrigue .... in full tide, read But no historical justification is needed for the creation of that conventional personage, and one of the sonnets in which she figures was surreptitiously published by Jaggard in 1599, before the intrigue between Pembroke and Mary Pitton is known to have begun.
34 for William Herbert read Lord Herbert
13-12 f.e. for The emotional stories .... subsided quickly read The story of a lover's supersession by his friend in the favours of a mistress—the burden of those six sonnets that may have a personal significance—may possibly reflect an affair of gallantry in the poet's own life to which obscure reference would seem to be extant elsewhere. The adventure in that case would have caused no lasting wound
367 ii 28 for Eastcheap, which read Southwark;
29 after frequent insert the Boar's Head, Eastcheap
376 i 10f.e. for 26 March read 24 March
380 i 33-34 for in ‘Two Noble Kinsmen,’ ed. Littledale, read by
37 for 1874). read 1874; ‘Two Noble Kinsmen,’ ed. Littledale).
383 ii 3f.e. for impression read definite impression
386 ii 57-58 for the Grange read Denby Grange
388 i 10f.e. after (both in 1600), insert ‘Titus’ (1600 and 1611),
6 f.e. omit ‘Titus’ (1600),
390 i 37 for Watkins read Watkiss
7 f.e. after Hudson insert first issued in 1851-6 (11 vols. 16mo), and reissued as
396 i 8 f.e. after plots, insert Alexander Schmidt's Shakespeare-Lexicon, 1874, and Abbott's Shakespearean Grammar, 1869 (new edit. 1897), elucidate the text.
400 ii 6 Sharp, Abraham: after Bradford insert and baptised in June 1653
7 for He was apprenticed read After attending Bradford Grammar School he was apprenticed to William Shaw, mercer, of York, and then
13 for From 1676 read From about 1684
27 after 1690). insert Early in 1691, however, he removed to Portsmouth to take a clerk's place in the king's shipyard.'
401 i 11 for 15 July read 18 July
13 after cited insert cf. Cudworth's Life and Correspondence of Abraham Sharp, 1889
438 i 32 Shaw, John (1559-1625): for ‘Bibliorum read ‘Biblii
36·40 for Shaw also wrote .... but it was translated read The work, which was in Latin, was translated
41·42 for posthumously .... 12mo. read London, 1623, 12mo, under the title ‘A True Christian's Daily Delight’; this was reprinted in 1688 under the new title of ‘The Divine Art of Memory.’
441 i 4 Shaw, John (1776-1832): for Ham Hall read Ilam Hall
450 ii 19-20 Shaw-Lefevre, Charles, Viscount Eversley: for St. Mary's, Winchester, read Winchester College
452 ii 17·19 Shaxton, Nicholas: for He became ultimately president .... sometimes called. read He was president of Physick's Hostel, which was attached to Gonville Hall, 1512-13.