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317 i 2 Sirr, Henry Charles: for Dublin in 1756 read Dublin Castle on 25 Nov. 1764]
3 for the eldest son read fifth but eldest surviving son and for (1718?- read (1715-
11 for 1768 read 6 June 1778
12 for a regiment read the 68th regiment
14-15 for About 1790 read In 1791
24 after town-major insert with a residence in Dublin Castle
57-58 omit and was given a suite . . . till his death
l.l. after full pay insert and in consideration of his public services was allowed to retain his official residence in Dublin Castle
ii 7 for by himself read by Joseph D'Arcy Sirr,D.D., and by Mr. George Norman D'Arcy
22 after humane insert (23 May and 26 June 1823; cf. Hansard, n.s. ix. 468, 1309)
37 for Thomas D'Arcy read James D'Arcy
318 i 14 for a copy is read copies are in the British Museum, the library of Trinity College, Dublin, and
342 i 40 Skinner, James (1778-1841): for Bussagong read Burragong
343 i 5 for and another is read another, believed to be by W. Melville, is in the vestry of the church at Delhi, and a third is
6 f.e. Skinner, James (1818-1881): for Gloucestershire read Worcestershire
352 ii 55-56 Skip, John: omit though his will points to Norwich
57-58 for in the graveyard at Hereford read at St. Mary Mounthaw, London
358 ii 32 Skirlaw, Walter : for University College read Trinity College
379 ii 21-22 Sloane, Sir Hans: for on the accession of the house of Hanover read in August 1722, on the death of Sir Thomas Gibson (Sloane MS. 4046, f. 273)
403 i 8 Smelt, Leonard: for Horsham read Howsham