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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
2 ii 9-7 f.e. Smith, Aaron: for to those who recovered . . . the pirates. read by the government in lieu of prize money for pirates officially sworn to have been killed.
3 i 3f.e. Smith, Adam: for 1773 read, 1733
ii 21f.e. for batlery read buttery
14 i 36 Smith, Alexander (1830-1867): for P. Percy read T. Percy
18 ii 7f.e. Smith, Bernard: after arrival insert about 1660
24 i 33 Smith, Charles Hamilton: for 1778 read 1787
29 i 21 Smith, Charlotte: for Tetford read Tilford
34 ii l.l. Smith, Sir Francis P.: omit there
35 i 1 after 1808 insert it is said at Copperhurst Farm, close to Aldington Knoll, about six miles from Hythe. Vain search has been made for the entry of his baptism in local parish registers.
41 ii 32-33 Smith, George (1831-1895): for The board school inspectors read The local authorities
43 ii 2f.e. Smith, Sir Harry G. W.: for (1788 read (1787
44 i 2 for 1788 read 28 June 1787 (baptised Henry, though always called Harry)
4f.e. before proceeded insert after spending two months at Whittlesea
ii 30 omit within two years
31 after wife. insert She accompanied him to the end of the war.
13f.e. for Malcombe read Pulteney Malcombe [q. v.]
4f.e. for When read Before
45 i 10-11 omit and fell into Smith's arms
40-41 for was left commandant of Cambray when read with
15f.e. before He returned insert Subsequently he filled the post of ‘major de place’ at Cambray, where the duke of Wellington fixed his headquarters during the occupation of France by the allied troops.
13f.e. for Ireland read Shorncliffe, Gosport, Glasgow, Belfast, and Nova Scotia
55-56 for Peninsula read occupation of Paris
ii 52-54 omit Having completed this work ... 13 Sept. 1836
5f.e. after colonies insert in consequence of Lord Glenelg's attitude Smith returned to Cape Town and resumed his duties as deputy-quartermaster-general on 30 Sept. 1836
46 i 5f.e. for Sir Arthur Hardinge read Sir Henry (afterwards Viscount) Hardinge
47 ii 17 for Johannesburg read Juanasburg
10f.e. for pall-bearer read standard-bearer
48 i 26 before A crayon portrait insert One oil portrait is at Government House, Cape Town, and another belongs to the Rifle Brigade. Four other oil portraits are in private hands.
27-28 omit another, in oils . . . Whittlesea