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370 ii 31·32 Still, John: for After 1561 he was elected a fellow read From 1562 to 1572 he was a fellow.
38 for the former was a fellow read the former was an undergraduate of Christ's College, whence he matriculated in 1566
372 i 8f.e. after the first edition. insert There seems no doubt that the author of the play was William Stevenson, born at Hunwick, in Durham, who matriculated as a sizar at Christ's College, Cambridge, in Nov. 1546 (B.A. 1549-50, M.A. 1553, and B.D. 1560); was fellow of the college 1551-4 and 1559-61; was ordained deacon in London in 1552; became prebendary of Durham 1560-1, and died in the course of 1575. In 1559-60, according to the books of Christ's College, five shillings was ‘spent at Mr. Stevenson's plaie,’ which may be safely identified with ‘Gammer Gurton's Needle’

(see art. by Mr. Henry Bradley in Gayley’s Representative English Comedies, i. 197 sq.)

ii 24·52 omit which must be left undetermined.
388 i 17·16 f.e. Stisted, Sir Henry W.: for daughter of Lieutenant-colonel Burton, read sister of Sir Richard Francis Burton.
415 ii 10 Stone, Samuel: for Aspen read Ashen
427 i 19 Story, George W.: for Warter read Walter

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