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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
vi ii 8 List of Writers: for Sylvanus read Silvanus
13 omit A. W. W. . . . A. W. Ward, Litt.D.
9 i 41-42 Watson, James (d. 1722): for Painting’ read Printing’
14 i 15·16 Watson, John (1520-1584): for p. 315), and on 17 Sept. following was collated read p. 315). He was vice-chancellor of Cambridge 1518-20 and 1530-1. On ceasing to be master of Christ's in 1531 he seems to have become rector of White Notley, Essex, where he died in 1537. Another John Watson, who died before May 1530, was collated on 17 Sept. 1523
17 for He was also read The master of Christ's was
18 after Erasmus insert who bears witness to his high character and appreciated his humanism
18·20 for learned in scholastic divinity read one of Latimer's early opponents
23 omit He died before 12 May 1530
30 ii 10·11 Watson, Robert (1746-1838): for is at least questionable, read underestimates the fact, for he received in 1817 600l., a further 500l. in June 1822, and a final sum of 2,500l. on 21 Dec. of the same year.
34 i 5 Watson, Thomas (1513-1584): for Addit. MS. read Sloane MS.
35 ii 20·21 Watson, Thomas (1557?-1592): for a translation read a very distant paraphrase
37 i 7 for five ‘epistolæ’ read eighteen ‘epistolæ.’ Five of these were rendered into English verse by ‘I. T. Gent’ in ‘An Ould facioned loue or a loue of the ould facion’ 1594.
62 ii 31 Watt, James: for Jeffreys read Jeffrey
66 i 20 Watts, Alaric A.: after 1825 insert died 22 Jan. 1901
72 ii 33·34 Watts, Richard: for proctors [i.e. itinerant priests] read proctors [of bedridden persons in hospitals, i.e. licensed beggars]
89 i 4-2 f.e. Weale, John: omit He was the father of ... Henry James Weale.
110 i 19f.e. Webbe, Joseph: for 1626) read 1633)
ii 18 after 1620. insert His letters and papers on languages, dating from 1623 to 1633, are in Sloane MS. 1456.
122 ii 12 Webster, John (1580?-1625): after No. 19; insert Painter's ‘Palace of Pleasure,’ ii. 23.
133 i 6f.e. Wedderburn, Alexander, 1st Earl of Rosslyn: for burgh read borough
140 i 24 Wedgwood, Hensleigh: after sixty years. insert He was fellow of Christ's 1829-30.
158 ii 28 Weld, Sir Frederick A.: for Marsh read March
29 for Garenden read Garendon
161 i 17 Weld, Thomas (1590?-1662): for America read Americana
202 ii 29 Wellesley, Arthur, 1st Duke of Wellington: for C. W. Glass read J. W. Glass
212 i 8 Wellesley, Richard C., Marquis Wellesley: for Lahore read Indore
215 ii 24 for 1858 read 1855