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This page needs to be proofread.

Dictionary of National Biography


N.B.— /.e. stands tor from end and l.L for last line

Beale, Francis : for He read Beale

after xx. 452 add Beale lived in Westminster and had a son of his own names (cf. Mayor, Adm., St. John's Coll. Cambridge, i. 54, 61) Beale, Sobert : for is said to have been read born in the City of London, was for He appears . . . daughters read Beale had issue two sons, Francis and

Robert, and nine daughters for The other read Another for Easington read Eastington Beale, William : for Dr. Heme read Dr. Sterne Beales, Edmoud : for James read John

Beamish, North L. : after bodies insert He was one of the few British subjects who received the Guelphic order from King Ernest of Hanover after the separation of Hanover and England Beard, John : for ' Atalanta ' read ' Athalia '

Beard, John R. : for many minor theological read other 27 f.e. Beard, Thomas : after century insert Beard was prebendary in Lincoln cathedral from 1612 till his death 19 ii 6 Beaton, James: before archbishop insert the last Roman catholic and before second insert was 7 for Balfour read Auchmuty

8-10 for was the last ... in 1552 read and of John Beaton of Balfour

31 ii 12 f.e. Beauchamp, Richard de : for 16 Oct. read (according to Le Neve) 4 Nov.

32 i 22 Beauchamp, Thomas de, Earl of Warwick : before In the insert He was subse-

quently made K.G. Beauclerk, Charles, 1st Duke of St. Albans : for can scarcely read may

for before the end . . . birth read on 27 Dec. 1676, six years after his

birth before regiment of horse insert Princess Anne's or the 8th after George I insert was from 1714 till his death lord-lieutenant of Berk- shire 38 i 13 /.e. Beaufort, Daniel A.: o7m^ and archdeacon






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