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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
13 ii 11 f.e. Willibrord, Saint: omit or 696
6 f.e. for St. Cecilia's day (22 Nov.) read the feast of St. Clement (21 Nov.)
3 f.e. for (Bede read (but cf . Bede
18 i 34-35 Willis, Francis: for became physician-in-ordinary . . . . attended read attended the king
20 ii 22 Willis, Richard: for Maclure read McClure
44 ii 34 Wills, Sir Charles: for Friend's read Freind's
58 i 34 Willyams, Cooper: for 1891 read 1819
61 i l.l. Wilmot, Sir Edward: for physician read physician extraordinary
ii 1 after 1737 insert and physician-in-ordinary in 1732
69 ii 33 Wilmot, John E. (1750-1815): for liberal read conservative
70 ii 8 f.e. Wilmot, Lemuel A.: for Sir Charles Grant read Charles Grant
81 ii 7 Wilson, Arthur: for 1619 read 1614
23 for 1630 read 1631
8 f.e. for November 1654 read November 1634
82 i 17 after ii. 278). insert The MS. of the 'Switzer' was acquired by the British Museum in Feb. 1903, and was edited by M. Albert Feuillerat, of Rennes (Paris, 1904).
85 ii 36 Wilson, Bernard: omit and Wilts
95 i 23-24 Wilson, Harriette: for (fl. 1810-1825) read (1789-1846)
96 ii 23-24 for Nothing further is known of Harriette's career, read This 'modern Aspasia,' as Sheil calls her (Irish Bar, 1854, i. 348), is believed to have returned to England a pious widow, and to have died in 1846.
97 ii 26 Wilson, Henry B.: omit unmarried
100 i 3 f.e. Wilson, James (1805-1860): for fourth son read third son
113 i 28 Wilson, Sir John (1780-1856): for 11 Nov. 1851 read 20 June 1854
118 i 8 Wilson, Sir John M.: for 17 June on a strong fort read 19 June on a strong position
11-12 for Lake Ontario read the Niagara river near Erie
13 for 12 July read 11 July
15 for 29 Dec. read 30 Dec.
19 for Chippewa read Chippewa or Lundy's Lane
119 i 18-19 Wilson, Nicholas: omit in Holderness
120 i 12 for Bolton read Bilton
130 ii 32-33 Wilson, Sir Robert T.: for Wilson regarded it read Wilson voted for the second reading, but spoke without voting in favour of Gascoyne's amendment opposing the reduction of the number of members for England and Wales, which was carried against the government. He did not seek re-election after the consequent dissolution (April 1831). He regarded the measure in its final shape