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81 ii 37 Beckford, William (1709-70): for opponent read friendly competitor
82 ii 2 for More read John Francis Moore
83 i 6 f.e. Beckford, William (1759-1844): for 'Al Ravni' rend 'Al Raoui'
ii 19 after Wells insert (1784-90) and after Hindon insert (1790-4)
86 ii 13 Beckington, Thomas: after day insert He was prebendary of Lichfield from 1436 and of St. Paul's from 1438
88 i 10 f.e. Beckwith, Sir George: for lieutenant-general read general
89 i 8 after a.d. 1814 add In the same year he was promoted general. He was colonel 6th garrison battalion 1806-9, of 2nd West India regiment 1809-1818, and of 89th Foot from 1818 till death
90 i 20-21 Beckwith, John C.: for 1750 read 1759
91 ii 27 Beckwith, Sir Thomas S.: for Sir W. Erskine read Sir William Erskine, 1769-1813 [q. v.]
15 f.e. before made insert in 1815 was
8 f.e. for in January read on 15 Jan.
93 i 21 f.e. Becon, Thomas: for 1541 read 1543
14-13 f.e. for He was again . . . in 1543. He read After the recantation Becon
104 ii 13 Bede: for A. Whelo read Abraham Wheloc or Wheelocke [q. v.]
105 i 33-34 for F. Stevens read John Stevens
106 i 10 f.e. Bedell, William: for Du Plessis, Mornay read Du Plessis-Mornay
109 ii 4 Bedford, Arthur: for Tiddenham read Tidenham
15 for in 1692 . . . and was read (according to the minutes of the corporation) in April 1693. He held the benefice till 1713, though he seems to have been non-resident from 1701, when he was
113 ii 8 f.e. Bedingfield, Sir Henry (1509?-1583): for 1509? read 1511
6 f.e. for about 1509 read in Sept. 1511
114 i 6 after 1553 insert and was M.P. for Suffolk in the first parliament of that year
115 i 15 Bedingfield, Sir Henry (1633-1687): after He insert was admitted to Caius College, Cambridge, in 1650 and
21 after Yarmouth insert and in 1685 became M.P. for Aldeburgh
118 i 18-19 Bedloe, William: for changeable read chargeable
120 i 17 Bedwell, William: for 1732 read 1632
121 i 1 Bedyll, Thomas: for Searle read Scarle
122 i 12 f.e. Beechey, Frederick W.: for From this time read From 1850 till his death he was superintendent of the marine department of the Board of Trade. He was naval A.D.C. to Queen Victoria from 1851 to 1854, when he was promoted to flag rank. After 1847
123 ii 28-29 Beechey, Sir William: for Stowe, in Gloucestershire read Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire
7 f.e. for 1793 read 1798
124 ii 8 Beeke, Henry: for 1814 read 1813
18 f.e. for Sir Lewis Palk read Sir Lawrence Palk
130 i 9 f.e. Behn, Aphra: for Poets' Corner read the Cloisters (cf. Athenæum, 21 Sept. 1895)
134 i 20 Bek, Antony I.: after Edward I insert He held the prebends of St. Pancras in St. Paul's cathedral in 1278 and of Strensall at York in 1279
140 i 2-1 f.e. Beke, Charles T.: for but the subsequent conduct of the king read but his mission appears to have been of questionable prudence, and to have irritated the king, whose subsequent conduct
142 i 18 f.e. Belasyse, John, Baron Belasyse: before On the breaking out insert He represented Thirsk in both the Short and Long parliaments, but was 'disabled' as a royalist to sit, on 6 Sept. 1642
3 f.e. omit made
2 f.e. after Riding insert (1661-73) and after Hull insert From 1664 to 1666 he was governor of Tangier
l.l. after pensioners insert 1667-72
ii 2-5 omit he was then . . . post also
13 f.e. Belasyse, Thomas, Earl Fauconberg: for 1667 read 1657
9 f.e. after Italy insert He was lord-lieutenant of the North Riding (1660-1692)
148 ii 13 Bell, Alexander M.: for 1809 read 1808
155 i 35 Bell, Sir Charles: for Majendie read Magendie