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404 i 1 Bertie, Montague, 2nd Earl of Lindsey: for Lestwithiel read Loetwithiel
19 for elected read appointed
408 i 12 f.e.
7 f.e.
Bertie, Robert, 1st Earl of Lindsey: for 1572 read 1582
12-11 f.e. for lord high admiral of England read admiral of the ship-money fleet
ii 19 f.e. after shire insert He was made knight of the Bath in 1605
409 i 19 for Bath read Garter
21 for Rea read Reay
25-26 for was in the . . . England read became in 1636 admiral of the fleet equipped by the levy of ship-money
ii 15 for Hanover read Honor
28 Bertie, Sir Thomas: for vice-admiral read admiral
410 i 20 f.e. after 1813 insert and full admiral 27 May 1825
411 ii 4 Bertie, Willoughby, 4th Earl of Abingdon: after editions insert The earl was also author of some songs (cf. Brit. Mus. Music Cat.)
414 ii 31 Berwick, Edward: after Moira insert subsequently marquis of Hastings
21 f.e. omit next
420 ii 6 f.e. Best, William D., 1st Lord Wynford: after Chester insert He was elected M.P. for Guildford at the general election of 1818, but almost immediately vacated the seat on becoming a judge
426 i 7 Bethel, Slingsby: for watchman read waterman
427 ii 3 Bethell, Richard, 1st Lord Westbury: for 1837 read 1841
4 after and insert after being re-elected for Aylesbury at the general elections of 1852 and 1857
5 for 1852 read 1859
429 ii 20 f.e. omit to the commissioner
19 f.e. for patents read the patents (under the lord chancellor)
441 ii 3 f.e. Bettesworth, George E. B.: for three read eight
443 i 24 f.e. Betty, William H. W.: for 'Zaphua' read 'Zanga'
446 ii 23 f.e. Bever, see Castorius, John: for this cross reference read Bever, John (d. 1311), chronicler, see John of London
449 ii 26 f.e. Beverley, John of: after studies insert He was B.D. in 1393
450 i 17 after Chronicle; insert Fasciculi Zizaniorum
19-18 f.e. Beverley, John (1743-1827): for an office . . . Hospital read the Sixpenny Office. This he held from 1776 to 1817
452 i 14 f.e. Bevis, John: for 1772 read 1771
461 i 6 Bewley, William: for T. W. read T. W—r.
463 i 5 Bibelesworth, Walter de: omit Lady
16 for 1257 read 1249