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258 i 3 Bremner, Robert: for 1763 read 1762
263 i 15 Brent, Sir Nathaniel: for 1639 read 1630
ii 5 f.e. for Latin read Italian
266 i 14 f.e. Brenton, Sir Jahleel: after Sheerness insert He was colonel of marines 1825-30
268 i 8-10 Brereton, John: omit John Brereton . . . 1592-3
ii 23 f.e. Brereton, Owen S.: after Lloyd insert He was M.P. for Liverpool from 1724 till his death in 1756, changing his name to Salusbury some years before
18 f.e. omit about the year 1756
269 i 5 after 1780 insert supporting Lord North
270 i
3 f.e.
Brereton, Thomas: for Queen's square read Queen square
271 i 12 f.e. Brereton, Sir William (1604-61): for 1639-40 read to the short and to the long parliaments in 1640
273 i 4 Brereton, Sir William (1789-1864): after constabulary insert and in April 1864 was made colonel commandant of the royal artillery
274 i 15 f.e. Brerewood, Sir Robert: after law insert He was M.P. in the same year for Chester in the short parliament
282 i 32 Brett, Henry: for was for a short time member read was in three parliaments— from 1701-8—the tory member
283 ii 1-2 Brett, John W.: for but he did not live to see it accomplished read and an electric telegraph cable across the Atlantic was completed in 1858, though it failed to work after the transmission of a few messages
4 for Trim read Trym
284 i 9 f.e. Brett, Sir Peircy: for He became a vice-admiral read He was colonel of marines 1760-2 and M.P. for Queenborough 1754-74. He became a vice-admiral of the blue on 18 Oct. and of the white
285 i 7 f.e. Brett, Thomas: for 1743 read 1744
286 i 21 for 1743 read 1743-4
299 i 14 f.e. Brewster, Abraham: for home secretary read first lord of the admiralty
300 ii 13 Brewster, Sir David: for that university read Aberdeen University
301 ii 17 f.e. for In 1838 read On 7 Dec. 1837
11 f.e. after St. Andrews insert He held the post till 1859. From that year till his death he was principal of Edinburgh University
302 i 38 for Professor Blackie read Professor Blaikie
303 i 14 for Montrose read Melrose
26-27 Brewster, Sir Francis: for (fl. 1674-1702) read (d. 1704)
29 after 1674 insert He was M.P. in the Irish house of commons for Tuam 1692-1703, and for Doneraile 1703-4
17 f.e. after colleagues insert Brewster died in 1704
304 ii 2-1 f.e. Brewster, William: for but he mentions . . . nor read He matriculated from Peterhouse in 1580, but apparently failed to graduate
305 i 1 omit the line
314 ii 14 Brideoake, Ralph: omit his deanery of Salisbury
8 f.e. Bridge, Bewick: after 1811 insert He was proctor in 1800
318 i 3-2 f.e. Bridgeman, Sir Orlando: for the long parliament read both the short and the long parliaments
l.l. for in the read on 27 Nov. 1643
ii 1 omit same year
320 ii 23 Bridges, John (d. 1618): after Kent insert From 1565 to 1610 he was prebendary of Winchester
321 ii 25 Bridges, John (1626-1724): for 1711 read 1711-2
325 ii 6 Bridport, Giles of: for Buckinghamshire read Berkshire
327 ii 15 Briggs, Henry P.: for 1793 read 1791?
16 after painter insert son of John Hobart Briggs
17-18 for in 1793; he was . . . Opie the artist read about 1791; he was descended from Vincent Perronet [q. v.] whose daughter Ellizabeth married William Briggs of the Customs House, secretary to the Wesleys
11 f.e. after 1844 insert He married Eliza Alderson, by whom he had one son who died young, and a daughter who married John Carr, rector of Adisham, Kent
7 f.e. for Redgraves' read Redgrave's
328 ii 22 Briggs, John (1785-1875) : after major-general insert of lieut.-general 1851 and full general 6 Feb. 1861