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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
1 i 11 f.e. Brown, Charles: for 1742 read 1741
ii 8 Brown, Charles A.: for 1787? read 1786
9 after Keats insert born in June 1786
2 i 24 for 1835 read 1837
3 ii 27 f.e. Brown, David (1763-1812): for a grammar school read the grammar school
5 i 11 f.e. Brown, Sir George: before He was made insert He was colonel of the 77th foot 1851-4 and of the 7th foot 1854-5
8 f.e. after brigade insert in Jan. 1855
7 ii 2 f.e. Brown, James B. the younger: omit Dr.
21 ii 1 Brown, John C.: for Charles read Crawford
22 i 9-8 f.e. Brown, Lancelot: for M.P. for Huntingdonshire read M.P. for Totnes 1780-4, for Huntingdon 1784-90, and for Huntingdonshire 1782-4
6 f.e. for London read Loudon
25 i 14 f.e. Brown, Sir Robert: for 1748 read July 1742
28 i 28 Brown, Samuel (1817-1856): omit Dr.
35 i 13 f.e. Brown, Ulysses M. von: for Charles V read Charles VI
38 ii 16 f.e. Browne, Sir Anthony: after Browne insert He was M.P. for Surrey in 1542 and 1547
39 i 11 f.e. Browne, Anthony (1510?-1567): after Cromwell insert He was M.P. for Lostwithiel in 1545, for Preston in 1553, and for Maldon in 1554
40 i 20 f.e. Browne, Anthony, 1st Viscount Montague (1526-1592): after Elizabeth insert He was M.P. for Guildford 1542 and 1517, for Petersfield 1558, and for Surrey 1554
10-9 f.e. for Gylesland read Gilsland
43 ii 23 f.e. Browne, George (d. 1556): after 1534 insert He was consecrated at Lambeth by the archbishop of Canterbury on 19 March 1534-5
47 i 7 Browne, Hablot K.: for Fairleigh read Fairlegh
54 ii l.l. Browne, Sir Richard: after recruiters insert in October 1645
55 i 1 for 1647 . . . London read 1648 was also chosen alderman of Langbourn ward and sheriff of London
ii 4 after baronet insert He was commissioner of appeals in the excise from 1661 till death, and also president of Bethlehem and Bridewell hospitals 1660-8
60 ii 19 f.e. Browne, Robert: for Allen read Alden
7-6 f.e. for and his last descendant . . . Pomfret read A son Edward was one of twenty gentlemen who under the leadership of Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore, founded the colony of Maryland in 1634. He settled permanently in the colony, and by his wife, Mary, daughter of Morgan Williams, was father of Morgan and Edward Browne, whose descendants are still numerous in the United States of America