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259 i 24 f.e. Bulstrode, Edward: for Hedgeley read Hedgerley
9 f.e. after Astley insert He was chief justice of the Anglesea circuit the same year
260 ii 15 Bulstrode, Whitelocke: after excise insert 1710-5
261 ii 13-12 f.e. Bulteel, John: for To a certain John Bulteel who read One John Bulteel was secretary to Edward earl of Clarendon, was created M.A.of Oxford 9 Sept. 1661, was elected M.P. for Lostwithiel in 1661 and
11 f.e. for has read To him has
7 f.e. for John Bulteel read another John Bulteel
4-1 f.e. omit these lines
264 i 10 f.e. Bulwer, W. Henry Lytton E., Baron Balling: after Bulwer insert who contested Hertford in 1826
2-1 f.e. for for four sessions during which he read till the dissolution of 1837 and
266 i 14 Bunbury, Sir Henry E.: for 1815 read 1814
16 f.e. for 1820 read 1821
ii 6 after followed insert He withdrew from the army in 1832
268 i 7 f.e. Bundy, Richard: for a month later read on 24 Aug.
271 i 7 Bunny, Edmund: for 1619 read 1618
14 f.e. after 1585 insert resigned 1603
7 f.e. for 1618-9 read 1617-8
272 i 26 Bunny, Francis: after Calvinist insert At the time of his death he was prebendary of Carlisle
285 ii 13 f.e. Burbage, Richard: after stage insert and seems to have joined the Earl of Leicester's company of players which was long in high repute, and was afterwards known successively as the Earl of Derby's company, as the Lord Chamberlain's company, and after the accession of James I as the king's company
11 f.e. for his father read Burbage's father
286 i 8-23 for Except for the mention . . . the day in a warrant read At Christmas 1594 he was summoned with two other members of his company (then known as the Lord Chamberlain's company), William Kempe[q. v.] and William Shakespeare, to act before the queen at Greenwich palace; they played in two several interludes on 27 and 28 Dec. and received 20l. for their services. A warrant
24 for authorising read constituted
25-26 for the company in highest repute at the time read the king's company and authorised them
31-36 omit from Burbage's position . . . from 1593
ii 35 for 1594 read 1589
288 i 27-28 for very suspicious read quite authentic
39-40 for Chamberlain's 'Letter Writer' read Chamberlain, the letter writer
289 ii 7-8 Burch, Edward: for On the death of Richard Wilson read In 1794
291 ii 28-29 Burchett, Josiah: for On his return to England he read He
30 for (1695) read (February 1693-4)
33 after Sandwich insert as a whig
34 for 1721 read 1722
292 i 22-23 for He married Thomasine . . . vi. 468) read Burchett married on 22 July 1721 the widow of Captain Robert Aris, commissioner of the navy at Plymouth (Hist. Beg. 1721, p. 31). His only daughter Elizabeth married Sir Charles Hardy the elder [q. v.]
295 ii 19 Burder, Henry F.: after 1830 insert He was chairman of the Congregational Union in 1844
297 ii 13-15 Burdett, Sir Francis: for In 1806 . . . for Westminster read At the general election of 1806
16 for Paull, who read Paull for Westminster. Paull
298 ii 14-15 for In 1820 . . . and shared read In 1819 George Lamb took Romilly's seat and in 1820 it was filled by Hobhouse, who shared
305 i 24 Burges, Sir James B.: for commissioner of excise, and died read a commissioner of the Scottish excise 1761-8, and afterwards comptroller-general of the Scottish customs from 1768 till his death on 16 March 1786
306 ii 21 for General Alexander Fordyce read Alexander Fordyce [q. v.]
307 i 11 f.e. Burges, Mary A.: for He read She
7 for 188- read 1885