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153 ii 18 Byron, George, 6tli Lord: for Tinton read Turton 165 ii Sf.e. Bythner, Victorinus : for professor of read lecturer on

175 i 11 Cade, Salusbury : after 1660 insert He was educated as a foundation scholar at Lewisham Grammar School

184 i 9-11 Cadogan, William, 1st Earl : omit The lieutenancy .... same year

85-88 omit Cadogan was lieutenant . ... of London App.)

ii ic before Before the death insert The lieutenancy of the Tower of London was

conferred on him in December 1706, and he held it till January 1713 24-26 omit lieutenant .... until 1718

32 after Holland insert On 81 Aug. 1715 Cadogan was appointed governor of the

Isle of Wight 3-1 f.e. omit In September . . , . Wight

185 i 17 f.e, for 1709 read 1719

2-1 f.e. for the posts of commander-in-chief of the army and read post of

186 i 12 f.e. after CHARLES CADOGAN insert (1691-1776)

7 f.e. for several read two and after Beading insert 1716-22 6 f.e. after Wight insert 1722-6

8 f.e. after dragoons insert He was governor of Sheerness 1749-52 and of Graves-

end and Tilbury 1752 till death.

202 ii 16 f.e. Caesar, Sir Charles : for Bletchingley, Surrey read Weymouth 204 i 11 Caesar, Henry : for 1 Oct. read 27 June

8-1 f.e. Caesar, Sir Julius: omit Many of his prescriptions .... manuscripts ii i omit by Sir Hans Sloane

206 ii 7 for Essex read Suffolk

207 ii 22 Caesar, Julius : after (1720) insert Many of his prescriptions are preserved in

Sloane MS. 2815, having been copied from original manuscript by Sir Hans Sloane 40 Caesar, Sir Thomas : after undistinguished insert He was M.P. for Appleby in 1601 42 omit puisne or

215 i 89 Cairnoross, Alexander : for in 1701 read 14 May 1701

216 ii 5-6 Cairnes, David : for till the close of his life read till 1703

218 i 7-6/.e. Caims, Hugh M ., 1st Earl Cairns : for the conduct ... Of this read the Oude despatch of Lord Ellenborough, who was president of the board of control, and this speech was subsequently published. In the following session he

despatch of Lord Ellenborough, who was president of the board of control,

d this speech was subsequently published. In the following introduced two bills, one to simplify titles to real estate and another to

establish a land registry, and his speeches introducing them produced a very favourable impression. Of his subsequent speech on the Reform Bill, 22 March 1859 ii 5-11 omit This speech was . . . the house

12 for ' Cagliari ' read < Gfosfcles and Georges *

219 i 26-28 for Cairns to some extent . . . the bench read Subsequently in 1877 Cairns

as a sort of reparation appointed Lord Chelmsford's son, Alfred Henry Thesiger [q. v.], a lord justice of the appeal court

89-40 for On 21 July, when the bill read On 20 July 1869, when Gladstone's Irish

Church bill

220 ii 11 for him read new buildings

14 omit the line

221 i 15 f.e. Caius, John: after Althorp insert which is now. at the John Rylands library at


285 ii 26 Calcott, Wellins: for Cheshire read Shropshire

2.37 i 20 Calcraft, John (1726-1772) : after treasury insert He was M.P. for Calne 1766-8 22 for the same constituency read Rochester

240 ii 88 Caldeoott, Thomas : for 1743 read 1744

35 before New College insert Winchester arid

241 ii 5 f.e. Calder, Eobert : for Neuthorn read Nenthorn

248 ii 86 Calder, Sir Kobert : after 1810 insert He was made K.C.B. Jan. 1815

245 ii 4/.e. Calderwood, David : for Grubb's read Grub's

247 i 19 Caldwell, Sir Alexander : for 1765 read 1763

19-23 for Captain Alexander Caldwell ____ in 1765 read William Caldwell by his

third wife, Isabella, daughter of Alexander Clark of Inverness. He was a grandson of Sir John Caldwell, 2nd baronet, of Castle Caldwell, Co. Fermanagh