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308 ii 34-38 Campbell, Alexander, 2nd Earl of Marchmont: for Hugh, on whose death .... in existence read Hugh [see Hume, Hugh, 3rd and last Earl of Marchmont], through whose daughter Lady Diana the barony of Polwarth descended to her son Hugh Scott of Harden
312 i 44 Campbell, Anna M., Countess of Balcarres: for eighth earl of Argyll read ninth earl of Argyll
314 i 6 Campbell, Archibald, 4th Earl of Argyll : for 1447-8 read 1547-8
9 for Henry VIII read the English
318 i 2f.e. Campbell, Archibald, 5th Earl of Argyll : for death read divorce
ii 34 Campbell, Archibald, 7th Earl of Argyll : for the nearest heir read near heir
319 ii 29 for one son and one daughter read five daughters and three sons, including James, colonel of the Scots Guard in France, created earl of Irvine in 1642, who died in 1645
320 i 23 Campbell, Archibald, Marquis of Argyll : for 1660 read 1661
ii 26 for tutor read guardian
13f.e. for 69 read 70
324 i 16f.e. for 20,000l. read 20,000l. (Scots)
10f.e. for depositions read dispositions
328 ii 39 for did not disprove .... only his read disproved cowardice but showed
l.l. for St. Margaret's Chapel read St. Magdalene Chapel
329 i 1, 2 for whence after .... removed read thence to Newbattle Abbey, and after a few weeks
29 for three read four
332 ii 22 Campbell, Archibald, 9th Earl of Argyll: for Maydock read Mugdock
339 ii 9 Campbell, Archibald, 1st Duke of Argyll : for 1690 read 1696
341 i 41 Campbell, Archibald, 3rd Duke of Argyll : for the 30th regiment of foot read the 36th regiment of foot 1709-10
ii 8 for 1725 read 1721
27 for the university of Aberdeen read Marischal College, Aberdeen
31 for 1734 read 1733
342 i 19 Campbell, Archibald (fl. 1767): for (fl. 1767) read (1726?-1780)
4, 3f.e. for After this .... this author read Campbell died at Kingston, Jamaica, on 10 Dec. 1780, in his fifty-fourth year, and was buried in Kingston parish churchyard
343 i 14 Campbell, Sir Archibald (1739-1791): for and in the following month read In the previous July he was
345 i 16f.e. Campbell, Sir Archibald (1769-1843): after lieutenant-general insert was colonel of the 95th regiment 1829-34 and of the 77th regiment 1834-40
350 i 20f.e. Campbell, Colin (1754-1814): before Campbell was promoted insert He was colonel of the 5th garrison battalion 1808-12 and of the 55th foot 1812 till death
351 i 29 Campbell, Sir Colin (1776-1847): after some years insert He was lieutenant-governor of Tobago in 1828 and of Portsmouth 1828-35
31 for In 1839 read In November 1840
17f.e. after Piccadilly insert He had been colonel of 99th foot 1834-6 and of 72nd foot from 1836 till his death
7f.e. Campbell, Sir Colin, Lord Clyde : for Colin read John
353 i 39, 40 for he it was .... victory read he rendered the highest services at the battle
20f.e. for Crown Prince of Germany read the Prince of Prussia
354 i 10f.e. for 1858 read 1861
355 ii 1, 2 Campbell, Daniel (1671?-1753): for Catherine Denham read Catherine, daughter of Henry, third Lord Cardross, and relict of Sir William Denham, bart., of West Shields
356 ii 15f.e. Campbell, Duncan : for Hayward read Haywood
357 i 5f.e. Campbell, Lord Frederick: after 1765 insert was secretary to the lord-lieutenant of Ireland 1767-8
3f.e. for 1771 read 1777
2f.e. for 1784 read 1787
l.l. omit the line
ii 1 omit tenant and for 1786 read 1790
2 after India insert He was a member of the committee of council for trade 1784-1801
15f.e. Campbell, Frederick W.:for Sir Edward Warrington read Sir Edward Winnington, bart.