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43 ii 4 Cardwell, Edward, Viscount Cardwell: after Commons insert on petition
26 after 1852 insert when he also contested Ayrshire unsuccessfully
44 i 18-19 for but shortly afterwards regained it on petition read But the successful candidate, Charles Neate, was unseated on petition and Cardwell was returned at the new election, defeating his opponent, W. M. Thackeray, by 53 votes
ii 21 Cardwell, Edward, Viscount Cardwell: for ingratitude read decrepitude
46 i 6-9 Care, Henry: for a German translation . . . . F. E. Rambach' 1766 read Rambach's 'Unpartheiische Historiedes Papstthums' (Magdeburg, 1751-80, 10 vols.), although often described as a translation of Care's book, is really a translate of Archibald Bower's 'History of the Popes'
47 i 19 Carew, Bampfylde M.: for Bamfylde read Bampfylde
ii 17 f.e. for 440 read 401
49 i 15 f.e. Carew, Sir Benjamin H.: for June read Jan.
50 ii 13 Carew, Sir George: after 1601 insert and 1604
51 i 32 Carew, George, Earl of Totnes: for Bath and Wells read Wells
ii 39 after following year insert when he was M.P. for Queenborough
19-17 f.e. omit 1 March 1598-9 . . . . Wallop, and on
16 f.e. after Munster insert (It was not Carew but Sir George Carey of Cockington, co. Devon, who was appointed treasurer at wars in Ireland 22 March 1598-9, and a lord justice in September 1599)
11-6 f.e. for but on Essex's recall . . . . January, when read when
5 f.e. for successor. The read successor, the
52 i 25 for Anne read Joyce


10 f.e.
Carew, Sir John: for Macleane read Maclean
33 Carew, John (d. 1660): for at one of the universities read at Gloucester Hall, Oxford
13-12 f.e. for In the parliament of 1654 he again had a place read In the parliament of 1653 he sat for Devon
55 ii 9 f.e. Carew, Sir Matthew: for ultimately read in 1588
59 ii 15 f.e. Carew, Sir Peter: after knighted insert He was M.P. for Tavistock in 1545 and for Devonshire in 1558
62 ii 23 f.e. Carew, Sir Richard: for 1642 read 1641
63 i 26
Carew Thomas: for 1598 read 1595
30-32 for He entered . . . . a degree read Wood's statement that he entered at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, is uncorroborated. He apparently matriculated at Merton College on 10 June 1608, aged 13, and graduated B.A. 31 Jan. 1611
64 i 1-2 Carew or Cawe: omit cross reference under Thomas
65 ii 35 Carey, George, 2nd Lord Hunsdon: after Dumbarton insert He was M.P. for Hertfordshire in 1571 and afterwards for Hampshire (1584, 1586, 1588-9, 1592)
67 i 40-41 Carey, George J.: for Whaley Grange read Whalley Range
69 i 5 Carey, Henry, 1st Lord Hunsdon: for the Earl of Sussex read Lord Howard of Effingham
70 ii 1-3 Carey, Henry, 2nd Earl of Monmouth: omit and the only one . . . . nobleman
14 after England insert He was M.P. for Camelford 1620, Beveriey 1624, Tregony 1625, St. Mawes 1626, and Grampound 1628
73 i 16-15 f.e. Carey, John, 3rd Lord Hunsdon: for marshal of Berwick, where read M.P. for Buckingham 1584, 1588-9, and 1592. As marshal of Berwick
74 i 19 f.e. Carey, Mathew: for premier read chancellor of the exchequer
75 ii 1 Carey, Robert, 1st Earl of Monmouth: after Morpeth insert being returned in 1592 for the same constituency, but preferring then to sit for Callington, which had also elected him
77 ii 32-33 Carey, William (1761-1834): for and left three sons, one of whom was Felix Carey [q. v.] read His eldest son, Felix Carey [q. v.], predeceased him. Three sons survived him
3 f.e. Carey, William (1769-1846): for stall of read stall of Barnby, in York Cathedral, was conferred on him in 1802, and that of