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365 i 26 Cavendish, William, Duke of Newcastle: before The earl's ambition insert He was lord-lieutenant of Derbyshire 1628-38 and of Wiltshire 1626-42 and 1660 till death
366 ii 3 for Selby read Selby
370 i 25 Cavendish, William, 1st Duke of Devonshire: after Savoy insert He was at Rome 9 Jan. 1659 (Sloane MS. 2142, f. 36)
ii 26 for Lord William Russell read William, afterwards Lord William Russell
371 i 18 for Edmundsbury read Edmundbury
374 i 6 before On 12 May insert He was lord-lieutenant of Nottinghamshire 1692-4
33 for Mr. Villiers read Mrs. Villiers
ii 6-7 for Lords Somerset, Jersey, Marlborough, and Albemarle read Duke of Somerset and Earls of Jersey, Marlborough and Albemarle
13 f.e. for Broadsworth read Brodsworth
375 i 41 for Bishop read Archbishop
ii 24 Cavendish, William, 6th Duke of Devonshire: for Lanesborough read Londesborough
37 for February 1755 read March 1754
376 i 12 for 27 March 1757 read 13 Nov. 1756
36 Cavendish, William G. S., 6th Duke of Devonshire . after day insert He was lord-lieutenant of Derbyshire from 1811 till his death
11 f.e. for St. Andrew read St. Alexander
377 ii 5 f.e. Cawdry, Zachary: after degree insert was proctor 1647-8
378 i 36 for Boden read Bowdon
15 f.e. Cawley, William: for 1666? read 1667
379 i 7-8 for he was one of the few regicides who read it was his son William Cawley, junior, who
14 for in 1666 read on 6 Jan. 1666-7
23 for 1666 read 1666-7
41 after James II insert Another son, John Cawley, was archdeacon of Lincoln 1667-1709
ii 40 Cawood, John: for Rugge read Jugge
380 i 39 for Whealer read Wheater and for 1812 read 1882
381 ii 11 f.e. Caxton, William: after the Weeld' insert —at Tenterden
382 i 17 f.e. after twenty marks insert A paper copy of Large's will is in the Muniment Room at Westminster Abbey
ii 20 f.e. for 5 Jan. 1463 read 9 July 1468
386 ii 29 after 1477? insert [7]
387 ii 8-10 for the two last sections . . . . Worcester read There seems, however, no doubt that the work was undertaken by William of Worcester [q. v.]
2 f.e. for 39 read 39*
388 i 3 after copy insert formerly
4 after stadt insert was purchased by the British Museum in 1890
389 i 11 f.e. for is read up to 1897 was
10-9 f.e. for in behalf of a Chicago merchant read in behalf of Mr. Robert Hoe of New York
3 f.e. after cerned insert On 9 Dec. 1897 a higher price was reached. The finest of seven known copies of Le Fevre's Boke of the Hoole Lyf of Jason, was then sold at Sotheby's for 2,100l.
395 i 30 Cecil, Sir Edward, Viscount Wimbledon: after 12-22 Aug. insert He was M.P. for Aldborough in 1601, for Stamford in 1609, for Chichester in 1620, and for Dover in 1624
399 i 32 Cecil, Richard: for third read second
400 i 5 Cecil, Robert, Earl of Salisbury: for Earl of Salisbury read 1st Earl of Salisbury and 1st Viscount Cranborne
24 for Neyle read Neile
39 after four years insert He was elected M.P. for Westminster in 1584 and 1586
401 ii 39-40 for Essingdon read Essendine, Rutlandshire
42 for of the same month read May 1606 and after Garter insert He was lord-lieutenant for Hertfordshire from 1605 till his death
402 i 37-38 for for some years read from February 1600-1
403 ii l.l. for Sir Anthony Bacon read Anthony Bacon