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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
5 i 8 Chamberlain, Robert (fl. 1640-1660): for in read on
6 i 22 f.e. Chamberlain, Thomas: for His jurisdiction was extended read He was transferred
21 f.e. after to insert Chester circuit, which embraced
ii 32 for Nestor read Neston
8 i 31 Chamberlayne, Edward: for Odington read Oddington
ii 21 for sixth read seventh
13 i 8-7 f.e. Chamberlen, Paul: omit His other works were: 1
5 f.e. for 2 read by John Campbell, LL.D., 1708-1775 [q. v.], has been wrongly ascribed to him. Of his
l.l. for 1738. Of this read 1738
21 ii 7 Chambers, Richard: after alderman insert of Walbrook ward
22 i 23 Chambers, Sir Robert: for (January 1762) read (1766)
ii 4-5 for Four years later read In 1777
23 i 6-5 f.e.
for Bengal 1823 . . . . 1827, and read Bombay 1828
26 i 7-6 f.e. Chambers, Sir William: for whose daughter (celebrated for her beauty) read Not long afterwards
29 ii 17-18 Chambers, William F.: for His majesty at St. James's Palace read King Ernest of Hanover
31 i 22 Chambre, John: for Codringham read Coringham
41 after Westminster insert A portrait by Holbein is in the picture gallery at Vienna
33 ii 21 Champion, John George: for 1815? read 1815
22 after botanist insert born in Edinburgh, 5 May 1815, was eldest son of Major John Carey Champion by Elizabeth Herries, daughter of William Urquhart of Craigstone Castle, Aberdeenshire. After education at Sandhurst, where he distinguished himself, he
23 for in 1831 read on 2 Aug. 1831
27 after Hongkong read Champion was an ardent botanist. While in Ceylon and at Hongkong he energetically worked at the science, and was in constant correspondence with Sir William Hooker
32 after Hongkongensis' insert They were also enumerated in Seemann's 'Botany of the Voyage of H.M.S. Herald' and by Forbes and Hemsley in the 'Journal of Linnean Society' (xxiii., xxvi., and xxxvi.)
34 after Crimea insert in April 1854
35 after herbarium insert where his correspondence with Sir W. Hooker and Professor Lindley is now preserved
36 after He insert took part in the battle of the Alma and
37 before for his insert and C.B