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ii 10-9 f.e. Clarke, Charles (d. 1750): for In the new parliament of 1741 read In Jan. 1742-3
8 f.e. omit in its second session
7 f.e. before Hilary term insert the following
424 i 8 f.e. Clarke, George (1660-1736): for 1660 read 1661
7 f.e. after virtuoso insert born 7 May 1661
ii 34 after he insert was M.P. for Winchester 1702-5 and
15 f.e. after but insert was M.P. for Launceston 1711-13
425 i 12 for 1684 read 1681
13 for from 1692 read in Ireland 1690-2 and in England 1692-3
22 after held it insert (1710-14)
18 f.e. after group insert by Giovanni da Bologna
16 f.e. after until insert it was sold for old lead
430 i 23 Clarke, James S.: for to the king read and royal chaplain from 1816
433 i 33 Clarke, John (1687-1734): Note that the work numbered 10—'Formulæ oratoriæ,' &c. is not by the subject of this article. Through the greater part of the seventeenth century this work was a very popular school book, being originally published before 1632, in which year it reached a fourth edition, and being often reissued (e.g. in London in 1637 and 1670, and at Zurich in 1694). Its author was John Clarke, B.D. (of Fiskerton, Lincolnshire).
435 ii 22 Clarke, Joseph: before 1776 insert 1742, second edition
437 ii 16 Clarke, Mary A.: omit J. Wilson Croker
449 ii 17 Clarke, William (1696-1771): for Haghmon read Haughmond
33 for 1738 read 1727 and after prebendary and insert in 1738 canon
40 for Chittingley read Chiddingly