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23 ii 23-34 Cleeve, Bourchier: for Cleeve was survived . . . Elizabeth, read, He married, about 1740, Mary Haydon, who died 28 Dec. 1760, leaving a daughter, Ann.
9 f.e. before Hasted's insert P.C.C. 94 Linch;
24 ii 26 f.e. Clegg, Samuel: for Murdoch's read Murdock's
10 f.e. for 1816 read 1815 and again in 1818
25 i 21 f.e. for three read two
30 i 18-17 f.e. Cleland, William (1674?-1741): for and after 1723 read until 1714 and from May 1724 till July 1738
32 ii 34 Clement, Gregory: for Camelford read Fowey
39 i 32 Clerk, Sir George: after Royal Society, insert president of Zoological Society 1862-7,
44 ii 2 Clerk, William: for 1651 read 1647
29 Clerk-Maxwell, Sir George: after the customs insert in Scotland from 1763 till death
45 i 18 Clerke, Bartholomew: for professor of read lecturer in
46 i 10 f.e. Clerke, Charles: after circumnavigator insert son of Joseph Clerke of Weatherfield, Essex,
ii 40 after 1779. insert Clerke's sister married Paul Henry Maty [q. v.])
47 i 30-31 Clerke, Gilbert: for Luffingham, Northamptonshire read Luffenham, Rutland
ii 27 Clerke, Henry: omit probationer
48 i 30-31 Clerke, Richard: for one of the six preachers . . . . Canterbury read sixth prebendary of Canterbury
ii 10 Clerke, Thomas H. S.: after 1830 insert and made K.H. 1831
55 ii 32 Cliff, Henry de: after secured, insert In 1319 he became canon of York.
56 i 32 Clifford, Anne, Countess of Dorset: for second earl read third earl
58 ii 14 f.e. Clifford, Sir Augustus W. J.: for retired admiral read admiral of the blue
13 f.e. after 1864 insert becoming retired admiral 31 March 1866
61 i 15 f.e. Clifford, George, 3rd Earl of Cumberland: after 1605. insert He was lord-lieutenant of Cumberland from 1595 till death.
63 i l.l. Clifford, Henry de, 1st Earl of Cumberland: before He died insert He was made K.G. in 1537.
64 ii 8 Clifford, Henry, 5th Earl of Cumberland: after lasting, insert In 1614 and 1620 he was M.P. for Westmoreland.
66 ii 36 Clifford, Hugh Charles, 7th Lord Clifford of Chudleigh: for Mary read Mary Lucy
67 ii 27-31 Clifford, John de, 9th Baron Clifford: omit seems now . . . . and Salisbury
32 after Blore Heath insert took the oath of allegiance to Henry VI
33 for (ib. 84) read (ib. 84, where he is confused with John, Lord Clinton, who was attainted; see Rotuli Parl. v. 349)
69 ii 6 f.e. Clifford, Richard: after (9 Aug. 1392) insert in Lincoln Cathedral, and prebendary of Chiswick (18 April 1397)
2 f.e. for and of Norwell read It seems to have been another Richard Clifford who was prebendary of Norwell
70 ii 31 Clifford, Robert de, 5th Baron Clifford: omit (? 'd.' 29 Nov. 1801)
75 ii 5 f.e. Clifford, Rosamond: for president of read resident in
76 i 31-36 omit Before his death . . . . about 1175
18 f.e. for emphatically stated read adopted
17-11 f.e. for But the main argument . . . . the Cliffords, read It is true that William Longsword first appears in history in 1196, when a son of Henry by Rosamond would come of age. The manor of Appleby in Lincolnshire was granted before 1200 to one William Longsword, but he proves to be the brother and not the son of Henry II.; the manor of Appleby in Westmoreland belonged to the Cliffords of the fourteenth century. A confusion between these two properties may well have led the suitors of 1607 to associate the younger Longsword with the Clifford genealogy and to support his suggested parentage.
77 ii 10 Clifford, Thomas de, 6th Baron of Westmoreland: for 1493 read 1393
11 f.e. Clifford, Thomas de, 8th Baron Clifford: for 1334 read 1434
81 ii 32 Clifford, Thomas, 1st Lord Clifford of Chudleigh: for third son, George, read fourth son, Hugh.
88 ii 22-25 Clifton, Robert C.: omit in which college . . . . experimental philosophy,