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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Crakanthorpe, Richard : for of Germany read Rudolph II
Cramer, Wilhelm : for H. V. D'Esterre read John D'Esterre
Cramp, John M. : for 1862 ' read 1662,' 1862
Cranfield, Lionel, Earl of Middlesex : after master of requests, insert He was elected M.P. for Hythe in 1614 and for Arundel in 1620.
for Spanish Marriage, i. 170). read Hist. of England, iii. 200).
for Spanish Marriage, i. 183). read Hist. of England, iii. 213).
for England .... Charles I, i. 8). read Hist. of England, v. 178).
for i. 63 read v. 229
Cranford, James : for Under the Commonwealth read From 20 June 1643 to 16 March 1649
after ii. 13; insert Husband's Ordinances, 1646, p. 215 ; Merc. Pol. 27 June 1650;
Cranke, James : for Leigh read Legh
Cranmer, George : omit If an unsupported statement .... believed,
for On the death of Killigrew read Subsequently
Cranwell, John : for Brown's read Browne's
Crashaw, Richard : for Nympha read Lympha
for Car read Carre [q. v.]
Craufurd, Sir Charles Gregan- : after Cliff Fort insert holding office from 1796 till his death
for 1803 until his election read Dec. 1795 to Dec. 1799. He was elected
Craufurd, Robert: for Dudley Costello's read Col. Edward Costello's
Craven, William, Earl of Craven: after younger insert was commoner of Trinity College, Oxford, from 1623 to 1626, and gave 100l. to the college library in 1636. But he
for when only seventeen .... Oxford (Doyle) read before he was twenty
after Southwark insert 1670-89
after guards insert 1670-89
after lieutenant-general insert 1667
after Trinity House insert 1670
after Cambridge insert 1667
for Tangiers read, Tangier
after earldom insert became extinct ; his barony
Craven, Sir William : for 15 read 18
for In July 1611 read On 14 Jan. 1611-12
after Cambridge, insert He was commoner of Trinity College, Oxford, 1626-8,
Crawford, William S.: for Crawford's age .... autumn of 1852, read Crawford was defeated when candidate for Down Co. at the general election of 1852. He did not re-enter parliament,

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