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as kind-hearted, generous, and scrupulously truthful, and a cautious and able physician. Dr. Blundell's nephew, Dr. G. A. Wilks of Torquay, has a good portrait of Haighton.

Haighton's original papers, which are all of interest, are: 1 . 'The History of Two Cases of Fractured Olecranon,' in 'Medical Commentaries' (vol. ix.), 1785. 2. 'An Attempt to Ascertain the Powers concerned in the Act of Vomiting,' in 'Memoirs of the Medical Society of London' (ii. 250), 1789. 3. 'Two Experiments on the Mechanism of Vomiting' (ib. p. 512). 4. 'A Case of Original Deafness' (ib. iii. 1), 1792. 5. 'Experiments made on the Laryngeal and Recurrent Branches of the Eighth Pair of Nerves' (ib. p. 422). 6. 'An Experimental Inquiry concerning the Reproduction of Nerves,' in 'Philosophical Transactions,' 1795, and 'Medical Facts and Observations,' vol. vii. His method in this paper is to test the repair of nerves by the recovery of their physiological function after division; the first paper of the kind. 7. 'An Experimental Inquiry concerning Animal Impregnation,' in 'Philosophical Transactions,' 1797. In this paper he relates many experiments on rabbits, most skilfully varied, but producing an unsound conclusion owing to the lack of microscopic knowledge at that time. 8. 'A Case of Tic Douloureux,' in 'Medical Records,' 1798 (p. 19). 9. 'An Inquiry concerning the True and Spurious Cæsarian Operation ' (ib. p. 242).

He also published extended syllabuses of his courses of lectures at various dates. The manuscript of his lectures on physiology and natural philosophy, 1796, is in the library of the Medico-Chirurgical Society.

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G. T. B.