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De Spegel der Gerechticheit, dorch den hilligen Geest der Lieften,’ 1580. A fine copy of the first is in the library of the Dutch Church, Austin Friars, now preserved at the Guildhall, and one of each in the University Library, Leyden. No others are known, and the only English translation discovered is a manuscript of six chapters in the Bodleian Library (Rawlinson Coll. C. 554). An ‘Introductio. An Introduction to the Holy understanding of the Glasse of Righteousnes,’ b.l., appeared without place or date; it was reprinted in 1649. ‘Ene Figuer des Warachtigen vnde geistelicke Tabernakels’ was written as a prologue to ‘Den Spegel,’ and to follow the Introduction, but was apparently issued as a second volume. It was translated as ‘A Figvre of the True & Spiritual Tabernacle, according to the inward Temple or House of God in the Spirit. Whereunto is added the eight vertues or Godlynesses,’ London, 1655 (British Museum); another edition, including also Exhortation I., 1656 (No. 3 below), is at Cambridge.

Much better known is his ‘Evangelium Regni. Ein Frolicke Bodeschop vam Rycke. … Dorch H. N. am dach gegeuen vnde vam em vppet nye öuerseen vnde dudelicker vorklaret,’ of which the title of the English translation runs: ‘Evangelium Regni. A Joyfull Message of the Kingdom published by the holie Spirit of the Loue of Jesu Christ and sent-fourth unto all Nations of People which loue the Trueth in Jesu Christ. Set-fourth by H. N. and by him pervsed a-new and more-distinctlie declared. Translated out of Base-almayne,’ n.d.; a later edition was imprinted at London, 1652. There is a Latin translation (Lambeth), n.d., said to be by John Knewstub [q. v.]

Other works are: 1. ‘Van dat Geestlicke Landt der Belofften, van dat hemmelsche Jerusalem vnd des hilligen Volcks,’ 1546 (Amsterdam). A manuscript copy (92 pp.), made at Harlingen in 1562, was in the possession of Dr. Sepp, of Amsterdam, in 1890. 2. ‘Eyn Clare Berichtinge van die Middelwerckinge Jesu Christi,’ 1550 (Amsterdam). 3. ‘Exhortatio. De Eerste Vormaninge H. N. Tot syne kinderen, unde dem Hüsgesinne der Lieften Jesu Christi … anno 1573,’ 4to (Cambridge). In English ‘Exhortatio I. The first exhortation of H. N. to his Children, and to the Famelye of Loue, by Him newlye perused, and more distinctlye declared,’ n.d. Two other copies contain an additional leaf with ‘A shorte Instruction of an Howshold-father in the Communialitie of the Loue of Jesu-Christ’ (Britwell and Cambridge). The first has a woodcut of the teacher and his pupils; reprinted, with ‘Likewise H. N. upon the Beatitudes,’ London, 1656. 4. ‘Exhortatio II. De anderde Vormaninge H. N., to syne kinderen, vnde dem Hüsgesinne der Lieften Jesu Christi’ (British Museum). English translations in manuscript in the Rawlinson Collection (A. 382) in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and at Cambridge. 5. ‘The first Epistle of H. N. A Crying-voyce of the Holye Spirit of Loue, wherwith all People eaven out of meere grace are called and intirelie-bidden, through H.N., to the true Repentaunce for their Synnes,’ n.d. This was reprinted, London, 1648, alone, as well as with Epistles 2, 3 and 4, and also with Epistles 2–8, and with Exhortatio I (Lambeth). 6. ‘Epistola XI. H. N. Correctiō and Exhortation out of heartie Loue to a Pluckinge vnder the Obedience of the Loue and to Repentaunce for their Sinnes vnto all them that are wise in their owne conceites.’ 7. ‘Cantica. Liederen offte Gesangen dorch H. N. am dach gegeuen, vnde vppet Nye överseen vnde vorbereit vnde met mehre Gesangen vermehrt,’ 1573. 8. ‘Prophetie des Geistes der Lieften. … Anno 1573’ (Cambridge). In English ‘The Prophetie of the Spirit of Loue’ (London), 1649. 9. ‘Vorkundinghe van dem Vrede up Erden. … A Publishing of the Peace upon Earth, and of the gratious Tyme and acceptable Yeare of the Lorde, which is now in the last Tyme out of the Peace of Jesu Christ and out of his Holie Spirit of Loue,’ anno 1574. 10. ‘De Lieder edder Gesangen H. N. Tot goede Lere vnde Stichtinge, dem Hüsgesinne der Liefden, vnde en allen die sick daer-thoe wenden,’ 1575, 16mo oblong (thirty-two songs). The English translation is called ‘Cantica. Certen of the Songes of H. N. To a good Instruction and Edifyinge of the Famelie of Loue, and of all those that turne them ther-vnto. Translated out of Base-almayne,’ 8vo, b.l. (Britwell). 11. ‘Institutio Puerorum. Kinder Bericht met vele Goeder Lere, Dorch H. N. vp Ryme vorordent: vnde van em vppet nye öuerseen vnde vorbetert. Anno 1575,’ 4to (Cambridge). 12. ‘Refereinen vnde Rondelen edder rymische Spröken. Dorch H. N. am dach gegeuen, vnde van Em uppet nye överseen unde vorbetert,’ 1575. 13. ‘Dre gründige Refereinen, die H. N. wedder syne Vyenden am dach gegeven heft,’ 1575, 16mo, oblong. In English the title runs, ‘Thre groūdlie Refreines which H. N. hath set-fourth against his Enemies. Translated out of Base-almayne into English,’ oblong 21/8 × 31/4 inches (Lambeth). 14. ‘Comœdia: ein Gedicht Des Spels van Sinnen, anno 1575,’ 4to (British Museum and Amsterdam). An English version, entitled ‘Comœdia. A Worke in Ryme,