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boned; his stature about five feet nine, and very erect. His countenance is best seen in profile, and the right and left profiles differ remarkably; the front face is heavy. He wore a wig till he settled in Northumberland, which did not boast of a hairdresser.

Of many extant portraits, the earliest and most pleasing was executed about 1761 ; it has been photographed, but not engraved. Others are by I. Millar (1776 ?), with a companion picture of Mrs. Priestley ; by Peter Holland (painted at Birmingham) ; by Fuseli (1783), one of the two portraits painted by Fuseli from life, engraved by C. Turner, 1836 ; by Opie, a front face, somewhat rugged ; by John Hazlitt, uncle of the essayist ; by William Artaud [q. v.], engraved by T. Holloway, 1795; by James Sharpies (1794- 1795) ; by Rembrandt Peale of New York ; by C. W. Peale, engraved by Jacques Reich ; and by Gilbert Stewart, apparently posthumous ; it gives 'the serene expression of his countenance' (Schimmelpenninck), and was reckoned by his family the best likeness, but is wanting in strength ; it was copied by Artaud (1812), and engraved by John Partridge in 1815, and by W. Holl in 1845. The earliest engraving (1782) is from one of Wedgwood's medallions (1765). There is a plaster bust by P. Berni ; a profile in marble by P. Rowe in the memorial tablet, now in the Church of the Messiah, Birmingham (epitaph by Parr) ; and statues in the new mu- seum, Oxford, by E. B. Stephens, 1860, and at Birmingham by J. F. Wilkinson, 1874. Priestley's library was sold in 1816 at Philadelphia; four thousand volumes brought four thousand dollars (Notes and Queries, 23 March 1867 p. 239, 16 Jan. 1869 p. 64). His first electrical machine, bought while at Nantwich, is in the possession of James Martineau, D.D. ; another is in the possession of the Royal Society. His burning lens is in the possession of Madame Parkes-Belloc, his great-granddaughter. The centenary of Priestley's birth was celebrated in London and Birmingham in March 1833.

His 'Theological and Miscellaneous Works,' with 'Memoirs and Correspondence' (he was not so admirable a letter-writer as his wife), but excluding his scientific works, were edited by John Towil Rutt [q.v.], in twenty- five (really twenty-six) volumes, 1817-32, 8vo. The arrangement is not good, being neither chronological nor entirely according to class, and the text is often constructed by Rutt from different editions ; the notes are of service and the indexes (in vol. xxv.) are useful. The following is a list of his religious, philological, philosophical, and political publications, with references to Rutt's- collection, if. included.

I. Theological and Religious.--1. 'The Scripture Doctrine of Remission,' &c., 1761, 8vo ; incorporated in 'The One Great End of the Life and Death of Christ' in 'Theological Repository, 1769, i. (R. vii.) 2. 'A Free Address ... on ... the Lord's Supper,' &c., 1768, 8vo ; 2nd edit, 1769, 8vo ; the 3rd edit. 1774, 8vo, includes 'Additions,' &c., 1770, 8vo, and 'A Letter to the Author of An Answer,' &c. 1770, 8vo (R. xxi.) 3. 'Considerations on Differences of Opinion among Christians, with a letter to ... Venn,' &c., 1769, 8vo, reprinted with No. 31 (R. xxi.) 4. 'A Serious address to Masters of Families, with Forms of ... Prayer,' &c., 1769, 12mo ; 3rd edit. 1794, 8vo (R. xxi.) 5. 'A Free Address to Protestant Dissenters on ... Church Discipline,' &c., 1770, 8vo (R. xxi.) 6. l An Appeal to the . . . Professors of Christianity. . . . By a Lover of the Gospel,' &c., Leeds, 1770, 12mo (anon.); often reprinted ; to the edition 1772, 8vo, is added 'A Concise History of the abovementioned Doctrines ; ' the edition 1791, 8vo, has appended a reprint of the 'Trial' of Edward Elwall [q. v.] (previously reprinted by Priestley in 1772 and 1788) ; the edition Philadelphia, 1794, 8vo, has new preface (R. ii. xxv.) 7. 'A Familiar Illustration of . . . Passages of Scripture,' &c., Leeds, 1770, 12mo ; often reprinted (R. ii.) 8. l A Catechism for Children,' &c., Leeds, 1771, 12mo ; often reprinted. 9. ' Letters and Queries,' &c., Leeds, 1771, 8vo ; defences of No. 6, against Thomas Morgan (1719-1799), minister of Morley, near Leeds, Cornelius Cayley [q.v.], and an anonymous writer (R. xxi.) 10. 'An Essay on the Best Method of communicating Religious Knowledge,' &c., 1771, 8vo (R. ii.) 11. 'Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion,' &c., vol. i. 1772, 8vo ; vol. ii. 1773, 8vo ; vol. iii. 1774, 8vo ; 2nd edit. Birmingham, 1782, 8vo, 3 vols. ; 3rd edit. 1805, 8vo, 2 vols. ; 4th edit. 1808, 2 vols. (R. ii.) 12. 'An Address ... on ... Giving the Lord's Supper to Children,' &c., 1773, 8vo (R. xxi.) 13. ' A Letter to a Layman on ... a Reformed English Church,' &c. 1774, 8vo, [anon.] (R. xxi.) 14. 'A Harmony of the Evangelists, in Greek, to which are prefixed Critical Dissertations,' &c., 1777, 4to (R. xx. ; the dissertations only). 15. 'A Harmony of the Evangelists, in English, with Critical Dissertations. . . . Paraphrase and Notes,' &c., 1780, 4to ; the notes signed 'J.' are by John Jebb, M.D. [q. v.] (R. xx. ; the dissertations only). 16. 'Two Letters to ... Newcome ...on the Duration of our Sa-