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Demy 8vo. Cloth, 1s.


[Imaginary Discussions, written from time to time for the National Reformer during the last few years of Mr. Bradlaugh's life. They "are based upon real doubts, many of them put personally by word of mouth or by letter to Mr. Bradlaugh, or suggested by the reading of certain books ".]

Contents: — Christian Priest and Unbeliever (2); Christian Priest and Sceptic, on Christmastide ; Theist and Atheist : Curate and Doubter; Puzzled Enquirer and D.D. ; Respectable Man of the World and Heretic ; Missionary and Atheist on Prophecy as Evidence for Christianity (2) ; Christian Lady and Infidel ; Chris- tian Missionary and Sceptic; Theist and Monist ; Atheist and Pantheist ; Liberal Churchman and Atheist ; Disciple of Spencer and Atheist : Orthodox Christian and Sceptic (2).

The Impeachment of the House of Brunswick.

Tenth Edition. Partly Re-written and Revised. Demy 8vo, 160 pp. Cloth, Uniform, 2S.

"As a suggestive review of the events of the last century and a half, it has an historic interest : as an indictment of the follies which it seems impossible to separate from a royal dynasty it deserves the study of every English Liberal." — Westminster Review.

Demy 8vo, 282 pp., Price 5s.


Being the completed portion of the work on which the Author was engaged up to the time of his fatal illness, with several reprinted articles, Two Portraits (taken 1882 and 1890), and a Memoir by J. M. Robertson.

Contents : Why the Book was Written. What the Legisla- ture can do ; what it has done ; what it ought to do. What has been done by Legislation in Foreign Countries, and the Results. Hours of Labor. Employers' Liability Act, 1880. Force or Conciliation in Labor Disputes? Socialism in Europe. A Starved Government Department.

Demy 8vo, 250 pp., Cloth, Uniform, 5s.

With Fine Photo (1890) by Elliott and Fry.

Collected Speeches of Charles Bradlaugh.

2nd (Enlarged) Edition. Annotated by ]. M. Robertson.

Contents : Four Speeches at the Bar of the House of Com- mons ; In House of Commons on Market Rights and Tolls, Ditto before Royal Commission, Affirmation Bill, Compulsory Cultiva- tion of Waste Lands, Religious Prosecutions Abolition Bill, Per- petual Pensions, Indian Famine Insurance Fund, and Kashmir; At New York, on Ireland ; At Northampton, on India, and on Capital and Labor; At Bombay, to Indian National Congress; Presidential Addresses at Congresses of the National Secular Society, etc.

Send for Complete Catalogue, Gratis.

A. & H. B. Bonner, 1 & 2 Took's Court, London, E.G.