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Conference between Mr. P. H. Morgan and Sr. Don Ignacio Mariscal.



On the 9th instant, the Honorable Minister of the United States, after requesting a special interview with the undersigned Minister of Foreign Affairs in order to discuss an important subject, visited the Foreign Office, and began the interview by giving the undersigned full assurances of the friendly spirit cherished by his government respecting Mexico, alluding, among other matters, to the note of the Honorable Secretary of State, Mr. Blaine, of which he had a few days before given a copy to the undersigned, and in which a similar friendly spirit was manifest. He added that, in the subject which he was about to introduce, his government by no means pretended to intrude in an officious manner, nor had it any other interest than a desire for the peace and harmony which should prevail between neighboring and sister nations, for the credit and the advancement of the republican institutions they had both adopted—institutions of which the consolidation in this New World