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1821. February 24th.—Plan of Iguala, by which General Iturbide proclaimed the independence of Mexico.
1821. September 3d.—Adhesion of Chiapas to the plan of Iguala, and proclamation of annexation to Mexico.
1821. September 8th.—Oath of independence from Spain taken by authorities of Chiapas.
1821. September 15th.—Guatemala declares her independence from Spain.
1821. September 26th.—Chiapas declares her absolute separation from Guatemala.
1821. September 27th.— Entry of Iturbide into the city of Mexico, and formation of a provisional government.
1821. October 22d.—Chiapas demands of Mexico the recognition of her separation from Guatemala.
1821. November 12th.—The Government of Mexico accepts the annexation of Chiapas.
1822. January 5th.—Guatemala signs an act of union with Mexico.
1822. January 15th.—The regency of Mexico proclaims the perpetual incorporation of Chiapas into the Mexican Empire.
1822. February 4th.—Formal incorporation of Guatemala into the Mexican Empire.
1823. Guatemala separates from Mexico.
1824. May 3d.—Soconusco, lawfully represented in the Supreme Junta of Chiapas, voted freely for her annexation to Mexico.
1824. May 26th.—The congress of Mexico issues an act declaring the liberty of Chiapas to annex herself either to Mexico or Guatemala.