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Bez. ' [Iclu Darius, der grosse Krhiig, der Kiiiiig der Kiiniire, der K()iiig der Liiuder (?)] der Acliiinieuide : KcHiig der Scliar (?) der Menscheii, eiii Terser, Kuiiiu* voii Persien. ►^o spriclit Darius der Kiniio-: Mein Vater [ist^ U.^tazpi ; der ^'ater des Ustazpi [war Arsliauia, der A'uter des Arshama] Ariarainna, der


Vater des Ariaraniua Sispis. der Vater des t^ispis, [warl Aliainaiiis. ►'^o spriclit Darius der Iv<niiu" : Darum [werdeii wir Acliiimeuiden genaunt ; von Alters her siiid wir ei-})rol)t], von Alters lier (?) waren unsere Sprossen Kcniige. So sprielit Darius der Kiinig : Aclit in mitten nieiner Faniilie libten vor niir die Konigs- lieri'scliaft aus.'

Li the August of this year (IS-')!) .liawHnson was able to announce that he had met with an inscription that satisfactorily fixed the date of the Lower Assyrian dvnastv. We have said that this was in reahtv done loni^' l)efore bv LoniiiH'rier wheii he identified the Khorsabad king with tlie Sargon of Tsaiali (1847); and by llincks, who was satisfied that the builders of the hiter palaces were Sennacherib and Esarhaddon (1841)). iiut we liave seen that llawlinson loniz' refused to recounise these identifications as satisfactorilv established. At length, however, he found in a tablet from Khorsabad (PI. 70 Jtotta) an account which he acknowh^dged referred to the capture of Samaria l)y Sargon in the first year of his rei<>n ; and he also succeeded in identifvinu' ' Omri.' ^ lie thought that Sargon, whose identilicationhe acknow- ledged in his Analysis of the JJehistuu insciiption,- was the same pei'sonage as Shahnaneser, who figures in the

^ Hingiilarly t'lioup^h, Ilincks hud just inclejM'iidently deciphered in tlie <.)belisk inscription the names of 31enahem and .lehii tlie son of Omri. Prof. Wilson, Jan. ISo^, J. Ji. A. »S. \iii. IDS. See also George Smith, ^is!ii/ria/i Discor.vrU'Hy 18S.'}, p. 10. Hincks did not at first recognise Kawlin- .son's identification of Samaria (see Al/w/iaiofi, Sept. 1«3, 1S">1).

- J. ii. A. *S. ISol, xiv. p. iii.