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doctors, but the clergy have increased from 219 to 417, and those missionaries who have University degrees from fifty-four to over 200. Let us look at some of the missions. Twenty years ago, there were no English missionaries on the Niger; there are now twenty-nine. There were two missionaries in Uganda and no converts, now there are forty-eight and 30,000 converts. There was only one unmarried woman missionary in all the African missions; now sixty-seven. There was no Egyptian mission; now that country has twenty-two missionaries. Palestine then had ten men; now sixteen men and forty-four women. Persia had two men; now twelve men and twelve women. India had 120 missionaries; now 273. China had twenty-two men and one woman; now seventy men and seventy-six women. Japan had ten men and one woman; now thirty-two men and forty-four women. Medical missions have greatly increased. In 1881, there was only one regular hospital; now there are thirty-one, with 1620 beds, and thirty-two dispensaries, and the returns for 1900 gave 11,887 in-patients and 757,295 visits of out-patients. The native Christians connected with the Society in 1881 numbered 179,000; now 280,000. The native clergy then numbered 219; now 377. The native lay and female teachers then, 3100; now 7500.

The management of the Society is in the hands of a general committee consisting of twenty-four