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sionary effort here beyond the annual collection. For the C.M.S., in 1880, our people collected ^624, and that went on increasing year by year, until, in 1898, when, I think, high-water mark was reached, the collections for the same society amounted to ^3,249. They subscribe to many other societies, and the number of missionaries we have in the field make up a host. I can only thank God and take courage from that, and the most liberal way in which our people give to this and other laudable objects."

" And what, may I ask, are the other societies assisted by your West-End congregation ? "

"We will take the missionary societies and the like first there are, besides the C.M.S., the Barbican Mission to the Jews, the Rev. T. Con- nellan s Work in Ireland, Irish Church Missions, the South American Missionary Society, the Lon don City Mission, the Missions to Seamen, the London Society for promoting Christianity among the Jews, the Indian Female Normal School and Instruction Society or Zenana. Bible and Medical Mission, and the Bishop of Honduras Fund. Then they also assist the Bible Society, the Church Pas toral Aid Society, the Evangelical Alliance, the Colonial and Continental Church Society, the National Protestant Church Union, the Religious Tract Society, the Boys Brigade, the Chris tian Colportage Association, the Army Scripture Readers Society, the Church of England Tern-

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