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caused me, and they determined that that strain should be felt as little as possible. Both clergy and laity seem to be determined not to be behind those of Pembrokeshire in kindness of heart and cordiality.”

For a moment let a veil be drawn over the important detail work of eighteen long years, in order to present the other picture of a delightful exhibition of gratitude which its results evoked. On March 27 of last year (1901) the Bishop attained his eightieth birthday, and the event synchronised with the completion of eighteen years' episcopal control of the Diocese of Llandaff. Here was fitting opportunity, thought the archdeacons, rural deans and others, to present his lordship with some permanent testimonial of their affectionate respect. Accordingly the Bishop was invited to attend at the Diocesan Registry in Cardiff, where he was made the recipient of a framed illuminated address and the object of congratulatory speeches by the Archdeacon of Llandaff and several of the rural deans, all bearing testimony to the Bishop's wonderful activity for his ripe age, his kindly sympathy, his tact and ready sense for grasping difficulties in a cheerful spirit. The address was really an eloquent tribute of love and esteem.

“The eighteen years of your lordship's episcopate,” wrote the subscribers, “have been years of continuous anxiety. The Church has had to meet persistent attack from within and with-