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and this has laid on the Church the responsibility of caring for the populations on the goldfields, and the Society has been mindful of its two-fold work and recognised its duty to our colonists."

Bishop Carter, whose address under ordinary circumstances is " Eshowe, Zululand," may be properly described as an out-and-out Etonian. In the first place, he was born at Eton, in 1850, the son of the late Rev. William Adolphus Carter, the well-known Fellow of the College. On the maternal side he could claim, as uncle, the Rev. William Rogers, for many years Rector of Bishops- gate. Born at Eton, it was but natural that he should receive his early education there, and he, doubtless, now regards with pride the fact that he found himself in the same division as three other men who were destined to shine in political, military and Church life respectively, viz., the late Lord Randolph Churchill, General Sir R. Pole- Carew and the late Bishop of Calcutta. As youths, Welldon was junior to Carter. While the present Bishop of Adelaide was Dr Carter s fag, it is interesting to note that the latter, in his turn, was fag to Mr Justice Kennedy. From Eton the Bishop of the future proceeded to Pembroke College, Oxford, where he combined hard study with aquatic exercise, rowing in his College eight, then head of the river, behind Robert Leslie, who distinguished himself as the stroke of the Oxford eight in the inter-University (Oxford

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