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reputed son or godson of Brychan. The mother of Dubricius was the daughter of Pepian, King of Ergyng (or Archenfield, in Hertfordshire), and Pepian's father, Zub, was a younger grandson of the founder of the race of kings who ruled over Gwent Tscoed and Morganwg for 500 years. Pepian's first cousin, Teithfalah, is credited with having built Llandaff Cathedral. St Dubricius resigned the See of Llandaff in 521, and Dr Lewis is his ninety-third successor.

“My own Diocese of Llandaff,” the Bishop observed, “is singular among the Welsh Dioceses in that the population has grown with enormous rapidity, owing to the discovery of coal, which, of course, brought other industries within its borders, such as iron, steel, and tin works. Another result of the discovery of coal is the growth of seaports for its exportation, and in this respect specially to be noted are places like Cardiff, Newport and Barry. You may perhaps know that the Diocese of Llandaff consists of the County of Monmouth and the whole of the County of Glamorgan, excepting the district of Gower, which is in the Diocese of St David's, and in which is situated the very large town of Swansea, also an important seaport. The County of Glamorgan contains 140 entire parishes, besides portions of five others; Monmouth, 120 entire parishes, besides portions of seven others. The area of the Diocese