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may suppose the change that has been made. You observe that we are gradually overcoming that lack of accommodation for Church folk which almost frightened me away when first I came to the Diocese—a lack of accommodation which led me to feel that I could do no good unless I could get the people the necessary places in which to teach them the truth.”

At this stage, the Bishop was compelled to bid a hurried adieu because of the footman's warning that the carriage was waiting. There was, the author thought, something singularly in accord with the fitness of things that this hurried departure of his lordship should be to enable him to take part in a meeting of the Diocesan Church Extension Society at Cardiff.

The author had concluded this chapter when the Ven. Archdeacon Bevan, of the Diocese of St David's, was good enough to forward, by request, his interesting pamphlet on “The Church in the South Wales Coal-Field,” together with other small works bearing on the growth of the Church in Wales generally. The Archdeacon states: “The cases of St David's and Llandaff are, of course, very different. St David's has not much mining population—it is, for the bulk of it, an agricultural region—but it resembles the mining parts of Llandaff in having very large