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(From Etchings by Ad. Lalanze.)

The Ass of Sancho is lost Frontispiece
Don Quixote meets Three Country Wenches 65
Don Quixote and the Knight of the Mirrors 94
The Wedding of Camacho interrupted 145
Don Quixote, Montesinos, and Durandarte 159
Sancho assailed for Braying 196
The Enchanted Bark 202
Presentation of the Don to the Duchess 212
Clergyman quits the Duke's Dinner-table 222
The Keys of the Town delivered to Sancho Panza 307
Meeting of the Page and the Daughter of Sancho Panza 345
Sancho Panza salutes his Ass 368
Sancho Panza returns to the Duchess 383
Don Quixote with the Shepherdesses 399
Combat between Don Quixote and Sancho Panza 414
Don Quixote vanquished by the Knight of the White Moon 451
The Death of Don Quixote 499