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With these exhibits complete, and a flag de- vised for the occasion by Madame, he repaired again to the Liberty Hall of the Isthmus of Panama — to wit, room 1162 Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

There like a Napoleon he issued orders to the astonished conspirator. "Dr. Amador, the moment has come to clear the deck for action. Be satisfied with my assertions. There is no more time for discussing their genesis.

"I can give you assurance that you will be protected by the American forces forty-eight hours after you have proclaimed the new Re- public in the whole Isthmus.

"Then will begin a delicate period, that of the complete recognition of the new Republic. The fight will be in Washington. I take the responsibility of it. I take also the responsi- bility of obtaining for you, from a bank, or of furnishing you myself, the one hundred thou- sand dollars which are necessary to you."

So Amador sailed with injunction to have