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that may oppose your wishes from the politics of Europe."

Undoubtedly neutrality of such benevolence has never been seen before or since. The Congress might view these literary protestations with the distrust the average man always has for fine phrases or signs of cleverness; but they could not help appreciating the next paragraph.

"At this very time, and without waiting for any answer from you, I have procured for you about two hundred pieces of brass cannon, four-pounders, which will be sent to you by the nearest way, two hundred thousand pounds of cannon powder, twenty thousand excellent fusils, some brass mortars, bombs, cannon balls, bayonets, platines, clothes, linens, etc., for the clothing of your troops, and lead for musket balls. An officer of the greatest merit for artillery and genius, accompanied by lieutenants, officers, artillerists, cannoniers, etc., whom we