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Author: Hall, Charles F.
Title: The time drug
Journal: Tales of Wonder, Vol. 1, No. 5, 62-73
Publisher: The World's Work, Surrey, England
Date: Winter 1938
Format: Short story
Descriptor: Drugs as mind-expanders
Annotation:Scientist perfects a drug, mixing together cactus alkaloids and kava root, which creates powerful psychedelic effects and allows the experimenter to float backward in time. Backward explorations continue until the researcher reaches the creation of the universe, with grave consequences for him.

Author: Kyle, David A.
Title: Golden nemesis
Journal: Stirring Science Stories, Vol. 1, No. 1, 28-34
Publisher: Albing Publications, New York
Date: February 1941
Format: Short story
Descriptor: Drugs as mind-expanders
Annotation:Aware that most of the capacity of the human brain remains unused, an experimenter devises a drug that will raise him to superhuman intelligence by giving him access to his entire brain. He is transformed into a genius by the drug, but only for a brief, intense "trip," which after a few days so exhausts him that, "nerves on fire," he dies of heart failure. The story is a remarkable anticipation of extreme LSD effects.