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Author: Aldiss, Brian W.
Title: The night that all time broke loose
In: Dangerous Visions (Edited by Harlan Ellison)
Publisher: Doubleday & Company, New York
Pages: 151-160
Date: 1967
Format: Short story
Descriptors: Drugs as mind-expanders
Annotation:Comic story about time gas, piped through mains to suburban houses the way heating gas is distributed. Using time gas, subscribers can dial themselves back to any period in their lives they prefer to re-experience. Story concerns a break in the gas main that floods the region with time gas and touches off a great gusher that carries mankind back into prehistoric times, with dinosaurs imminent as the time-effects grow more powerful.

Author: Anderson, Chester
Title: The Butterfly Kid
Publisher: Pyramid Books, New York
Pages: 190 pp.
Date: 1967
Format: Novel
Descriptor: Drugs as mind-expanders
Annotation:In this comic novel, set among the drug-using counter-culturists of Greenwich Village, trouble starts when Reality Pills become available—a "projective hallucinogen" that creates hallucinations visible not only to the user but to those around him. It develops that Reality Pills have been invented and distributed by blue lobster-like beings from another planet in order to facilitate their conquest of Earth—a conquest ultimately thwarted by the dedication of a fearless band of hippies.