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Dutch Reformed Churches Union.

Act No. 23 of 1911.

the said Ordinance and the said Act, shall inhere in and be possessed by the said united church ; and such united church shall likewise be liable to the duties at present imposed on each of the said churches.

Rights of property—in whom vested.

(d) All rights of, to, and respecting the ownership, possession or administration of property theretofore belonging to and vested in each of the said uniting churches, or its Synod, or any Presbytery or consistory thereof shall be, and be deemed to be, duly vested in the Synod, Presbyteries and consistories of the united church and the name of the united church shall be, and be deemed to be, substituted for the name of each of the said Churches, in like manner and to like effect, in all the above cases as though such substitution were in each case literally and actually effected.


The O.F.S. Ministers Sustentation Fund and Grey College Fund remain for use of congregations interested.


that the Ministers Sustentation Fund of the Dutch Reformed Church in the Orange Free State Province as existing at the date of the aforesaid proclamation by the Governor-General, and likewise a certain fund belonging to the said church and known as the Grey College Fund, as existing at the said date, shall severally be and remain for the use and purposes of the congregations of the Dutch Reformed Church, embraced in the united church herein contemplated and being within the said Province; and
Properties, etc., vested in Presbyteries and Consistories remain as vested.


that all properties, funds and endowments vested in any Presbytery or Consistory as aforesaid or in any other church body and not under the control of the respective Synods of the uniting churches shall remain the property and be under the control of the said bodies respectively.

Title deeds of property, transfer of property. 5. When and after such union as aforesaid has been brought about it shall not be necessary to alter, or cause to be altered, the title deeds of and respecting any property of the said united church, but in the case and in respect of any transfer of such property which shall take place after such union as aforesaid, such transfer shall be effected in the name or in favour of the name or names substituted or deemed to be substituted as aforesaid, provided that it shall be and continue lawful for the several congregations of the said church in the Transvaal,Transvaal congregations. in respect of any transfer of property which may take place after the said union, to adhere to, and employ for purposes of description and registration, the name or