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Plate I.
1911 Britannica-Bible-Codex Vaticanus.png 1911 Britannica-Bible-Codex Sinaiticus.png
Fig. 1.—Codex Vaticanus (From facsimile ed. by J. Cozza-Luzi, 1889-
Fig. 2.—Codex Sinaiticus (From facsimile published by Palaeographical Soc. 1873.)

1911 Britannica-Bible-Codex Alexandrinus.png 1911 Britannica-Bible-Codex Amiatinus.png
Fig. 3.—Codex Alexandrinus. (British Museum.) Fig. 4.—From a probable Northumbrian Copy of the Codex Amiatinus. (British Museum.)

1911 Britannica-Bible-Pentateuch.png 1911 Britannica-Bible-Vulgate.png
Fig. 5.—Pentateuch in Hebrew, 9th Century. (British Museum.)
Fig. 6.—Vulgate. (From MS written for the monastery of Ste Marie de Parco, Louvain, A.D. 1148. British