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J. Hn. Justus Hashagen, Ph.D.
Privat-dozent in Medieval and Modern History, University of Bonn. Author of Das Rheinland und die französische Herrschaft.
Frederick Augustus I. and II.; Frederick William I.
J. H. Gr. John Hilton Grace, M.A., F.R.S.
Lecturer in Mathematics at Peterhouse and Pembroke College, Cambridge. Fellow of Peterhouse.
Geometry, V.
J. H. H. John Henry Hessels, M.A.
Author of Gutenberg: an Historical Investigation.
J. H. R. John Horace Round, M.A., LL.D. (Edin.).
Author of Feudal England; Studies in Peerage and Family History; Peerage and Pedigree; &c.
Geoffrey De Montbray.
J. Hl. R. John Holland Rose, M.A., Litt.D.
Christ's College, Cambridge. Lecturer on Modern History to the Cambridge University Local Lectures Syndicate. Author of Life of Napoleon I.; Napoleonic Studies; The Development of the European Nations; The Life of Pitt; &c.
J. Mt. James Moffatt, M.A., D.D.
Jowett Lecturer, London, 1907. Author of Historical New Testament; &c.
Galatians, Epistle to the.
J. P.-B. James George Joseph Penderel-Brodhurst.
Editor of the Guardian (London).
J. Si. James Sime, M.A. (1843-1895).
Author of A History of Germany; &c.
Frederick the Great (in part).
J. S. Bl. John Sutherland Black, M.A., LL.D.
Assistant Editor 9th edition Encyclopaedia Britannica. Joint-editor of the Encyclopaedia Biblica.
Free Church of Scotland (in part).
J. S. F. John Smith Flett, D.Sc., F.G.S.
Petrographer to the Geological Survey. Formerly Lecturer on Petrology in Edinburgh University. Neill Medallist of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Bigsby Medallist of the Geological Society of London.
Fulgurite; Gabbro.
J. T. Be. John T. Bealby.
Joint-author of Stanford's Europe. Formerly Editor of the Scottish Geographical Magazine. Translator of Sven Hedin's Through Asia, Central Asia and Tibet; &c.
Georgia (Russia) (in part).
J. T. C. Joseph Thomas Cunningham, M.A., F.Z.S.
Lecturer on Zoology at the South-Western Polytechnic, London. Formerly Fellow of University College, Oxford. Assistant Professor of Natural History in the University of Edinburgh. Naturalist to the Marine Biological Association.
J. V. B. James Vernon Bartlet, M.A., D.D. (St. Andrews).
Professor of Church History, Mansfield College, Oxford. Author of The Apostolic Age; &c.
J. Ws. John Weathers, F.R.H.S.
Lecturer on Horticulture to the Middlesex County Council. Author of Practical Guide to Garden Plants; French Market Gardening; &c.
Fruit and Flower Farming (in part).
J. W. He. James Wycliffe Headlam, M.A.
Staff Inspector of Secondary Schools under the Board of Education. Formerly Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. Professor of Greek and Ancient History at Queen's College, London. Author of Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire; &c.
Frederick III. of Prussia; Germany: History (in part).
K. S. Kathleen Schlesinger.
Author of The Instruments of the Orchestra; &c. Editor of the Portfolio of Musical Archaeology.
Free Reed Vibrator; Geige.
L. D. Louis Duchesne.
See the biographical article, Duchesne, L. M. O.
Gelasius I.
L. H.* Louis Halphen, D.-ès.-L.
Principal of the course of the Faculty of Letters in the University of Bordeaux. Author of Le Comté d'Anjou au XIe siècle; Recueil des actes angevines; &c.
Fulk Nerra; Geoffrey, Count of Anjou; Geoffrey Plantaganet.
L. J. S. Leonard James Spencer, M.A.
Assistant in Department of Mineralogy, British Museum. Formerly Scholar of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and Harkness Scholar. Editor of the Mineralogical Magazine.
L. V. Linda Mary Villari.
See the biographical article, Villari, Pasquale.
Frederick III., King of Sicily.
M. G. Moses Gaster, Ph.D.
Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic communities of England. Vice-President, Zionist Congress, 1898, 1899, 1900. Ilchester Lecturer at Oxford on Slavonic and Byzantine Literature, 1886 and 1891. President, Folk-lore Society of England. Vice-President, Anglo-Jewish Association. Author of History of Rumanian Popular Literature; A New Hebrew Fragment of Ben-Sira; The Hebrew Version of the Secretum Secretorum of Aristotle.
M. N. T. Marcus Niebuhr Tod, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of Oriel College, Oxford. University Lecturer in Epigraphy. Joint-author of Catalogue of the Sparta Museum.