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SHOWING THE SEPAR:'I' 12 COLOURS EMPLOYED IN PHOTOREPRODUCTION HY THE THREE-COLOUR PROCESS The llxrcc:wins-xry mbaurs:rr sqmrninl nur. by |:»}m|v, :mg»h5'. cw!! mlrmr mnulinu in etched an ougspcf, -.l~| when the Hl|><k§ n:|xlcu'llin|; Y¢1luw (A), Red (EL), and Bice (C), as illustrannl abm-u. are »u;»eri|nw¢<d in the |1riviru; |m:n. the ruull (U) £1 m rqvmflucliwn uf the original in AH its mmhinzxlimu uf Uullmr.