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TCHERTKOFF, VLADIIIM. (V. T.) Dotikhobors. UDDER, HENRY RICHARD. F.D.A. (H. R. T.) Libraries (in part) ; Pamphlets ; Periodicals ; Rymer, Thomas ; Shakespeare, Bibliography ; Societies, Learned ; Wood, Anthony A. TELFORD, REV. JOHN. U. T.*) Wesley ; Wesley, John ; Wesleyan Methodist Church. TEMPLE, SIR RICHARD. (R. Ti) Mahrattas (ix part). TEMPLE, SIR RICHARD CARNAC, BART., CUL (IL C. T.) Nicobar Islands. THATCHER, REV. GRIFFITHES WHEELER, ILA., BM. (G. W. T.) Arabia, A silqwQin, History and Literature ; Arabian Philosophy (is part) ; Mabommedan Religion. Biographies of Arabian poets, authors, &c. and articles on the chief sects of Islam. THEOBALD, FREDERICK VINCENT, KA. (F. V. T.) Economic Entomology. THISELTONaNDYER, SIR WILLIAM TURNER, K.C.BLO., City LL.D., Ph.D., Fiat ERA (W. T. tea) Bentham, George ; Huxley, T. H. ; Plants, Distribution. THOMAS, ALBERT. (A. Ts.) Napoleon IIL THOMAS, PROF. ANTOINE, D. k L. (A. T.) Aubusson. THOMAS, DANIEL LLEUFICIL OD8 Lt. T.) Brecon ; Caerphilly ; Cardiff ; Glamorganshire ; Cower; Lbatwit Major ; Merthyr Tydfil ; Rhondda ; Svransea. THOMAS, NORTHCOTIC WHTTRIDGE, LA. (N. W. T.) Animal Worship ; Cannibalism ; aairvoyanoe ; Divination; Dreams Fetishism ; Folklore ; Magic ; Telepathy ; Witch-craft ; &c. LTHOMA13, OLDFIELD, FAL. Mt (O. T.) Pangolin (is part) Skunk (in part). THOMAS, W. CAVE. (W. C. T.) Cornelius, Peter von ; Encaustic Painting. THOMPSON, PROF. WARM( WENTWORTH, CS. LA. (D. W. T.) Ray, John. THOMPSON, SIR EDWARD MAUNDE, 11.0., DLL, LLD.. D.Litt. (E. M. T.) Autographs ; Diplomatic ; Illuminated MSS. ; Manuscript ; Palaeography ; Palimpsest; Paper, History ; Parch-ment • Sath ; Shorthand, Greek and Roman achygraphy ; Stichometry. THOMPSON, SIR HENRY, BART. (H. Cremation. THOMPSON, PROF. SILVAN= PHIILLPS, M.D., Die., F.R.S. (S. P. T.) Compass (ix part). THOMSON, DAVID CROAL C. T.) Browne, Hablat Knight ; Corot , Daubigtrf Dias, N. V.; Rousseau, Pierre E. T. ; Troyon, Constant THOMSON, PROF. ELLHU, AS, D.Se., Ph.D. (E. T.) Welding, Electric. THOMSON, SIR JOSEPH JOHN, M.A., LL.D., Ph.D., Die., F.R.S. U. J. T.) Conduction, Electric, Through Gaza ; Electric Waves; Magna", Optics ; Matter ; Rentgen Rays ; Vacuum Tube. THORODDSEN, THORVALDUR. (TE. T.) Iceland, Geography ad Statistics. THORSON, As T. (A. T. T.) Life-boat, United States. THURSTIELD, JAMES RICHARD, LA. T.) Parnell, Charles Stewart. TIEDEMANN, HENRY. (H. Ti.) Dozy ; Potgieter ; Thorbecke. TIELE, P. A. (P. A. T.) Plantin. TILLEY, ARTHUR AUGUSTUS, LA. (A. A. T.) Estienne. TOD, MARCUS NIEBUHR, M.A. (M. N. T.) Ephor ; Helots Sparta ; &c. atomenes ; Leonidas: Lysander ; Pausaniss ; and other Greek biographies. TOUT, PROF. THOMAS FREDERICK, LA. (T. F. T.) Edward I., IL and 111. ; Edward, the Black Prince. The Initials is brachia indicant the Sipes TOVEY, DONALD FRANCIS. (D. F. Ts) Bach ; Beethoven ; Wagner (in part); and 1AoiaphIes of octsee musicians. Music; Contrapuntal Forms, Fugue ; Harmony , InstrutnePntation , Opera ; Sonatstri eters ; • &c. TOVEY, REV. DUNCAN CROOKES, M.A. (D. C. TO.) Gray, Thomas. TOY, CRAWFORD HOWELL, A.M., LL.D. ifr.2,14;;4,1%.” Ecclesiastes ; Ezekiel ; Job (is Part) : Book S; Wisdom, Book of ; Wisdom Literature. TOZER, REV. HENRY FANSHAWE, LA. F.R.G.S. (H. F. T.) Attica ; Euboea ; Santorin ; Thessaly ; Thrace , nebizond.. TRENT, PROF. WILLIAM PETERFIELD, LL.D., D.C.L (W. P. T.) Lanier. TROTTER, SIR HENRY, K.C.M.G. (H. Ti.) Danube ; Rumania, History (is pan). TRUSLOVE, ROLAND, M.A. (R. Ti.) Agriculture (sat part) ; Arles ; France, Statistics ; Indo-China. French (ix part) , Paris, Geography and Statistics ; Troyes. TUKE, SIR JOHN BATTY, M.D. Die., LLD, FJUME41124, U. B. T.) Aphasia ; Hippocrates ; Hysteria (is pen ; Insanity, Mailed; Medical Education. TURNER, CUTHBERT HAMILTON, K.A. H. T.) Bible, New Testament : Chronology. TURNER, PROF. FREDERICK JACKSON, LA., LLD, D.Litt. Ph.D. (F. J. T.) United States, History (is pan). TURNER. GEORGE JAMES. (G; J. T.) Clarendon, Constitutions of ; County ; Htmdred ; Northamptan, Assize of ; Provision ; Rape Ridinp ; Sake ; Trinoda Nears-situ ; Wapen take. TURNER, PROF. HERBERT HALL, NU., Die., Droste FAL (H. H. T.) Eclipse (is pan) ; Photography, Celestial ; Pkotoinetrf, CelestiaL TWEEDIE, ETHEL (Mrs Ake Tlited10). (E. A. T.) Diaz, Porfirio. TWISS, SM TRAVERS, 11C., E.R.S. (T. T.) • Consulate of the Sea ; Convocation (is pan) ; Sea Lan TYLOR, EDWARD BURNETT, LLD*, D.C.L.. FAL (F.. B. T.) Anthropology ; Eunuch ; Mexico, Ancient History (in part) Oath ; Ordeal ; Salutations.

UKITA, OWL (G. U.) Tokyo. unni, PROF. WILLIAM CAWTHORNE, LLD., ILIalt.C.K. M.InSt.M.E., &RISS, F.R.S. (W. C. U.) Bridges ; Hydraulics ; Windmill.

VALOIS, JOSEPH MARIE NOEL. (N. V.) Basel, Council of ; Constance, Council of ; Pisa, Council ot. Alexander V. John XXIII. ; Mania V.; Marsilius of Padua ; VANES, PROF. J. A. (j. A. V.) Methodism (is psi). VAUGHAN, HERBERT MURRAY, M.A., F.S.A. (H. M. V.) Albany, Countess of ; Charles Edward ; Henry Stuart (Cardinal York) ; James, the Pretender King's Evil ; St David*; Wales, Geography awl Sisftstics and History. JOHN, LL.D. U. V.) Cousin, V. (is part). VENABLES, REV. EDMUND, ILA., D.D. (E. V.) Abbey ; Abbot ; Basilica (is part) ; Catacomb (is pan); Coiner, Crypt ; Ember Days and Ember Weeks. VERNONTHARCOURT, PROF. LEVESON FRANCIS, ILA, M.Inst.C.E. (L F. V.-H.) Breakwater ; Caisson ; Dock ; Harbour ; Jetty ; Pier ; River Engineering ; Welt VERNONeHARCOURT, LEMON W. (L W. V.-H.) Lord High Steward ; Reclamation of Lands VERWORN, PROF. MAX, M.D., Da. Ph.D. (M. V.) Physiology. VETCH, COLONEL ROBERT HAMILTON, MIL CS. (R. H. V. Egypt, Military 0/satins, Aftergoo Strathnairn. Lad. eioptal to &anguish the Contributor.