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E. F. L. EDWARD F. LAW. Consulting Engineer. Formerly of the Armour Plate Department, Armstrong < Helmet. Whitworth & Co.

E. G. S. EMMA GURNEY SALTER, M.A., Lrrx.D. / Author of Franciscan Legends in Italian Art; Nature in Italian Art; etc. Morocco.

E.H. EDUARD HEILFRON, GEHEIMER JUSTIZRAT. Judge at the Court of Berlin. Professor at the Commercial University College of < Germany: Administration. Berlin. [

E.J. MAJOR ERNST JOLY. fLemberg (Lvov), Battles Late General Staff, Austro-Hungarian Army. Now of the Kriegsarchiv, Vienna. < Round : Part II ; Part-author of the Austrian Official War Chronology Tables; etc. [Lodz-Cracow, Battles of.

E. J.B. EDWIN JULIUS BARTLETT, A.M., M.D., D.Sc. (Hon., Dartmouth). Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.

E. J. B.* ELBERT JAY BENTON, PH.D. Professor of History in Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Author of The W abash Trade Route; International Law and Diplomacy of the Spanish- American War. Joint-author of Introductory American History; History of the United States.

E. L. C. EDGAR LEIGH COLLIS, M.A., M.D. (Oxon.), M.R.C.P. (Lond.). Mansel Talbot Professor of Preventive Medicine, Welsh National School of Medicine. Late Director (Welfare and Health), Ministry of Munitions. H.M. Medical Inspector of Factories.

E. L. F. ERNEST Louis FRANKLIN, F.S.S. Member of the Royal Economic Society. Samuel Montagu, London. New Hampshire. Ohio. Industrial Medicine. Partner in the banking house of < Exchanges, Foreign.

E. N. McC. MAJOR E. N. MCCLELLAN. U.S. Marine Corps. Officer-in-charge, Historical Section, Marine Corps.

E. Ru. SIR ERNEST RUTHERFORD, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S. Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics, University of Cambridge. Author of Radioactivity; Radioactive Substances and their Radiations; etc. See the bio- graphical article: RUTHERFORD, SIR ERNEST.

E. R. J. EMORY RICHARD JOHNSON, M.L., PH.D., Sc.D. Professor of Transportation and Commerce and Dean of the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania. Author of Principles of Railroad Transportation; Principles of Ocean Transportation; etc.

E. S. H. ELIZABETH SANDERSON HALDANE, C.H., LL.D., J.P. Member of Education Authority for Perthshire. Vice-Chairman, Territorial Force Nursing Service Committee. On Royal Commission on the Civil Service. Member of the Scottish Universities Committee. Author of The Life of Des- cartes; etc. | Marines: United States. Matter, Constitution of. Interstate Commerce. Nursing (in part).

E. S. H.* CAPTAIN EDGAR STOPFORD HOLLAND. Late Royal West Kent Regiment. Office. Member of Gray's Inn. Formerly Mobilization Directorate, War < Marines (in part).

E.T.* EDWARD TUTHILL, M.A., PH.D. Professor of History, University of Kentucky. lucky. Author of Government of Ken- < Kentucky. F. A. Cl.

E. T. H. E. T. HALNAN. Senior Inspector, Intelligence Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisher- ies, Great Britain.

E. VL ETHAN VIALL. Editor of American Machinist. Member A.S.M.E., A.I.E.E., A.S.T.M., S.A.E. Author of Broaches and Broaching; Electric Welding; Gas-Torch and Thermit Welding; United States Rifles and Machine Guns; United Stales Artillery Am- munition; Manufacture of Artillery Ammunition; etc.

E.v.W. EDUARD VON WERTHEIMER. Emeritus Professor of History in the University of Pressburg.

E. W. MacB. ERNEST WILLIAM MACBRIDE, D.Sc. (Lond.),M.A. (Cantab.), HON. LL.D. (McGill), F.R.S. Vice-President of the Zoological Society of London. Vice-Chairman of the Euge- nics Education Society. Formerly Professor of Zoology in McGill University, Montreal. Professor of Zoology in the Imperial College of Science and Tech- nology, London. Author of Textbook of the Embryology of the Invertebrata ; etc.

F. A. Cl. FREDERICK ALBERT CLEVELAND, Pn.B., PH.D., LL.D. Professor of United States Citizenship, Maxwell Foundation, Boston Univer- sity. Author of Organized Democracy; First Lessons in Finance; etc. Milk. Machine Tools. Fej'ervary; Hungary (in part) ; Kossuth, Francis. Eugenics. | Massachusetts.