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cause. But who it was that really wrote the epistle, God only knows. The account, however, that has been current before us is, according to some, that Clement who was bishop of Rome wrote the epistle; according to others, that it was written by Luke, who wrote the gospel and the Acts. But let this suffice on these subjects.


Heraclas succeeds to the episcopate of Alexandria.

But this was the tenth year of the abovementioned reign (of Alexander,) in which Origen, after removing from Alexandria to Cesarea, left his school for catechetical instruction there in the charge of Heraclas. But ere long Demetrius, the bishop of the church of Alexandria, died, having performed the duties of the office, upon the whole, forty-three years. He was succeeded by Heraclas. About this time also flourished Firmilianus bishop of Cesarea in Cappadocia.


How the bishops regarded him.

This bishop was so favourably disposed towards Origen, that he then called him to the regions in which he dwelt, to benefit the churches; at another time, he went to visit him in Judea, and passed some time with him there, for the sake of improvement in things divine. Moreover Alexander, the bishop of Jerusalem, and Theoctistus, bishop of Cesarea, attending him the whole time nearly like pupils their master, allowed him alone to perform the duties of expounding the sacred Scriptures, and other matters that pertain to the doctrines of the church.