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Navigating Wikipedia pages

As you get started, it's helpful to familiarize yourself with the interface and how to navigate Wikipedia pages.

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1: Each article has a corresponding Talk page where contributors can leave comments and suggestions, discuss changes, and ask for help from one another.

Featured content

2: Here you can find some of the best work on Wikipedia: articles, photographs, and other content that meet the community's highest standards.


3: The Help pages, just like the articles, are written by Wikipedia contributors.

Community portal

4: The community portal lets you explore what's going on across Wikipedia, from news to collaborations to policy discussions.


5: This section has useful tools for getting more information about a page and its history.


6: These are the other language versions of Wikipedia—out of more than 280 — that have an article on the same topic.

Language settings

7: These settings allow you to change the language used for menus and select your keyboard layout.